Gree Shines in 2019 Guangdong (Vietnam) Import and Export Fair, China

2019 Guangdong (Vietnam) Import and Export Fair, China is held in Hanoi, Vietnam on Aug 28. Hosted by Guangdong Commerce Department, the exhibition aims at promoting the construction of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, expanding EU market and enhancing the investment and cooperation. This time, Gree exhibited RAC, CAC and home appliances products. Relying on the self-innovated core technologies and delicate product quality, Gree booth attracted many visitors at the first day of the exhibition.

At 9am, Ouyang Weimin, vice governor of Guangdong province, together with the leaders of Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam, visited Gree booth. Then Owen Li, general manager assistant of Gree Overseas Sales Company, introduced the development situation of Gree in Vietnamese market and recommended the latest technologies and products.

Among numerous exquisite residential products, G-Tech, adopting modular design concept, has attracted the visitors’ attention. It applies the brand new connection structure, separating the electrical parts of AC with daily working components perfectly, realizing 5-layer safe dismantling and water washing and solving the washing difficulties of AC dismantling. Besides, with the latest Gree patent——3D screw type external air supply technology, G-Tech is able to supply air in wide angle naturally, bringing comfortable and healthy experience to the consumers.

In addition, the high-end residential product, Goldshell series AC is also on show. It has intelligent voice control technology, so the user can control AC operation status through voice control. Meanwhile, it adopts closed air inlet and outlet design, which is good-looking and dustproof. The evaporator adopts the self-clean technology, dedusting and dry function is combined.

As for commercial products, Gree AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6 is able to conduct pertinent adjustment for the unit under different climate conditions and in different areas. For instance, different defrosting modes are designed based on climate character, under the premise of satisfying heating comfort, frosting and defrosting are less, the operation is more energy-efficient; it will supplement the attenuated air volume resulting from air density decrease automatically according to the altitude and air pressure, ensuring efficient operation of the unit. At present, the intelligent function of Gree AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6 has been comprehensively applied in China. We are now actively promoting related technological cooperation and big data construction in overseas market, so that the “AI revolution” in AC industry can go to the whole world as soon as possible.

Since entering the Vietnamese market, Gree is quite popular among the consumers. Market share is increasing year by year, so is brand awareness. Along with the unceasing upgrade of market demand, Gree is always researching new products to meet market demand. Currently, Gree market share in some areas of Vietnam ranks No.1. Strategic cooperation agreements are signed with several enterprises. CAC starts to serve all kinds of industries in Vietnam. In the future, it’s expected that more and more large engineering projects will choose Gree.

Apart from air conditioners, electric cookers, electric fans, air purifiers and other home appliances products with delicate and fashionable appearance and leading technologies were also displayed, winning the praise of local distributors and consumers.

In the days to come, under the support of national policy of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, Gree will continue to develop overseas markets, speed up the globalization pace to build Gree brand a sharp “Name Card” of “Made in China”!