Gree Core Technologies Sparkle at FRIGAIR Exhibition 2018

On June 6 local time, the triennial South Africa FRIGAIR Exhibition 2018 has kicked off in Gallagher Convention Center, Johannesburg, South Africa. Gree attends this exhibition with its self-developed Gree AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6 and RAC, CAC, home appliances, industrial products, showing the strength and charm of Chinese technologies.

At this FRIGAIR exhibition, Gree displays its self-developed star product——Gree AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6. It’s the first time for GMV6 to come to FRIGAIR exhibition. With outstanding performance and AI functions, GMV6 attracts lots of visitors.

Gree AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6 has five core technologies: intelligent standby technology based on weather forecast, self adaptation energy running pattern based on GPRS, malfunction prediction technology based on Gree big data platform, world leading VRF CAN+ communication technology, and ultra-low temperature heating technology.

“The AI function of Gree AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6 has been fully realized in China at present. We are now actively promoting the related technology cooperation in overseas market as well as the big data construction work for spreading this “AI revolution” to all over the world,” a Gree staff said.

For Africa, with the features of high temperature, less rainfall and dry weather that the average temperature of 95% regions is over 20℃, Gree products can not only provide coolness to the users, but also save energy, which is particularly important for the African countries that have severe deficiency in electricity supply.

Fairy overseas residential air conditioner is displayed at the exhibition. With innovative and elegant appearance, 50μ delicate embossing veins design for the panel, the unit is endowed with artistic sense.

Gree light commercial air conditioning system is designed for different locations such as flats, villas, shops, hotels, offices, etc. It is in compliance with the EU’s ERP New Standard, featuring A++ SEER and A+ SCOP. This series of commercial air conditioner is of high cost performance that user can select different indoor units to work with the system according to different needs.

Gree air cooler is the embodiment of high-quality Gree home appliances. It is with exquisite appearance, high-tech sense, user-friendly handle and large trundles design. While in the industrial products area, different types of compressors and motors are displayed, showing the refined industrial technologies and strength of Gree.

In 2010, Gree won the bid of South Africa World Cup Venue Project due to its high quality products and good brand reputation.

The South Africa FRIGAIR Exhibition is a professional refrigeration and air conditioning exhibition that has the largest scale, widest influence and the most exhibitors in Africa. Gree has taken this opportunity to show its core technologies in the exhibition. Besides, Gree will devote itself to create a more intelligent, energy-saving, comfortable and better life to the world.