Gree Launches Energy-saving Initiative in China Refrigeration

On April 9, 2019, the International Exhibition for Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing, Packaging and Storage (hereinafter referred to as China Refrigeration) was grandly opened in Shanghai. Gree Electric brought its independently-developed central air conditioners, refrigeration equipment and industrial products to the exhibition. On the first day of the exhibition, Gree launched all inverter energy-saving initiative for central air conditioner for the whole industry as well as the 4th "Golden Impeller" HVAC Design Competition, which has pushed a new wave of energy conversion once again.

At the exhibition, Gree has three display zones covering central air conditioner, refrigeration equipment and industrial product, which has systematically demonstrated the achievements of its independent innovation.

Gree has exhibited a full range of permanent magnet synchronous inverter product, zero-carbon healthy home, clean energy solution, core components as well as Gree intelligent service center. Among them, the full range of permanent magnet synchronous inverter products has attracted the attention of many visitors because they have integrated with core technologies of Gree central air conditioner. It is worth mentioning that Gree is the only company in China at present that can independently develop and manufacture magnetic suspension compressors and the complete units.

What’s more, various types of compressors, motors, capacitors, moulds, controllers, robots, etc. are also showcased at the exhibition, which has demonstrated Gree's strong technical strength and diversified development achievements.

At 10am, Gree Electric has announced the all inverter energy-saving initiative for central air conditioner at its main booth. It’s well-known that air-conditioning energy consumption is the key to construction energy consumption, which accounts for a large proportion of total social power consumption. With the increasing application of air conditioner, power consumption reduction for air conditioner has become a key task in China's energy conservation and emission reduction.

In the core technology field of the central air conditioning industry, from household central air conditioner to large-scale commercial central air conditioner, Gree central air conditioner has achieved technological breakthroughs in the entire industrial chain. Supported by core technologies, Gree has voluntarily assumed the responsibility of leading the development of the industry as well as energy conservation and emission reduction.

In the afternoon, Gree Electric, as the co-organizer, also held the launching ceremony of the 4th “Golden Impeller” HVAC Design Competition at its booth. It is learned that the event is hosted by the Building Environment and Equipment Branch of China Engineering&Consulting Association and National Engineering Research Center of Green Refrigeration Equipment. It is the only national design competition for the "air conditioning water system" in China at present.

Innovative technologies lead the development of the industry and drive the transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China”. Creating high-quality products and building Chinese brands with core technologies, Gree is striving for the goal of “Made in China, Loved by the World”.