Ultra Heat Multi Zone Product Launch in AHR EXPO

On Jan. 15th local time, Gree Ultra Heat Multi Zone Product Launch was held grandly in AHR Expo, the largest scale professional exposition around the world. AHRI Vice President Mr. Bill Tritsis, Gree President Assistant Mr. Fernando Xie, Vice General Manager Mr. Oyang Jun, Assistant General Manager Mr. Carlos Long, Gree Regional Manager Amelia Liang attended the conference and made a speech respectively. Gree overseas customers and AHR Expo visitors were also presented.

“We hope more overseas consumers can experience the comfortable and eco-friendly life brought by China’s self-developed core technologies through this product launch, so that they will truly feel the strength of ‘Made in China’ and love Chinese-made products,” Assistant General Manager Mr. Carlos Long said in his speech in the product launch conference.

“World Leading” Triple-cylinder Two-stage Rotary Compressor Technology Solves Insufficient Heating Problems in North America

Gree Regional Manager Amelia Liang made a presentation to the protagonist of conference – Gree Ultra Heat Multi Zone. This system is composed of an outdoor unit and several indoor units. The outdoor unit adopts DC inverter technology and electronic expansion valve to control the circulation amount of compressor refrigerant and the flow rate of refrigerant which enters into each heat exchanger in the room. It is able to meet the cooling and heating load demand in the room, and make indoor temperature control more accurate and user experience more comfortable, with features of low noise, sufficient capacity, small size, simple and convenient installation, low cost and so on.

Amelia Liang especially introduced Gree’s triple-cylinder two-stage rotary compressor technology adopted in Ultra Heat Multi Zone. As fossil energy decreases gradually, air source heat pump becomes a more efficient and eco-friendly heating method, but insufficient heating in ultra-low ambient temperature restricts the popularity of air source heat pump. To cope with the poor heating effect of air conditioner in the severe cold weather, Gree has developed the triple-cylinder two-stage rotary compressor of variable volume ratio with independent intellectual property rights, which reaches “world leading” level. It features reliable heating at outdoor ambient temperature as low as -20℃ and strong heating even at -35℃. It doesn’t need any auxiliary heating. As an energy-saving and eco-friendly heating method, it provides a guarantee for clean energy heating in extremely cold regions.

It is learned that the products equipped with triple-cylinder two-stage rotary compressor technology have formed a product line, including Ultra Heat GMV and Ultra Heat Heat Pump Water Heater. Ultra Heat Multi Zone with one outdoor unit connected with several indoor units can meet daily operation demands of a family and greatly improve the popularity of Ultra Heat series.

Gree Ultra Heat Multi Zone Receives AHRI Certificate

AHRI Vice President Mr. Bill Tritsis made a speech in the launch conference and presented AHRI certificate to Gree Ultra Heat Multi Zone.

“After strict test by AHRI, Gree Ultra Heat Multi Zone is proved to be excellent in performance, so I present AHRI certificate to it. I hope Gree will develop more high-quality products with core technologies in the future,” said by Mr. Bill Tritsis in the conference.

Before Gree Ultra Heat Multi Zone obtaining AHRI certificate, Gree Ultra Heat products have won many bench marking projectsthanks to its excellent low-temperature heating performance,which are widely recognized by users all over the world. They are worked stably in Montreal, Canada and Mongolian. In early 2018, Gree successfully won the bid for the American Wyndham Hotel in Buffalo, bringing warmth to local consumers.

According to Vice General Manager Mr. Carlos Long, with the promotion of Gree’s core technology products in North America, Gree has become increasingly powerful in the North American market in recent years and is with huge market potential. This time, with the launch of Ultra Heat Multi Zone, Gree is expected to set off a wave of buying Ultra Heat series products in North America.

“For many years, Gree has always insisted on independent innovation and mastering core technology, repeatedly breaking through the technical limits of heating technologies, constantly upgrading the comfort and energy-saving experience of air-conditioning, and striving to make the world better with the self-innovated core technologies. As our chairperson Dong Mingzhu often said, Gree firmly believes that only by giving love to the world can the world fall in love with China-made,” Mr. Carlos Long said at the press conference.