Gree PV VRF GMV5 Wins Climatizacion Innovation Award

From February 26th to March 1st, local time, CLIMATIZACIóN & REFRIGERACIóN 2019 (International HVAC & R Exhibition in English, hereinafter referred to as C&R 2019) was held in Madrid, Spain.

At the C&R 2019, Gree exhibited a number of air-conditioning products equipped with Gree’s core technologies: PV multi VRF unit GMV5, Gree AI multi VRF unit GMV6, new modular easy-to-remove and easy-to-clean residential split air conditioner G-Tech and a variety of portable units. On February 28th, Gree Photovoltaic Multi VRF Unit GMV5 won the Climatizacion Innovation Award.

In recent years, global warming and serious environmental pollution have led to a wave of green environmental protection in the home appliance industry. However, as a major power consumer among household electrical appliances, air conditioner still has not made a significant breakthrough in environmental protection and energy conservation. The emergence of Gree photovoltaic air conditioners has changed the situation. With photovoltaic energy as the driving force, Gree photovoltaic direct-driven inverter multi VRF unit uses ternary commutation technology to integrate photovoltaic power generation function, and establishes ternary commutation module among PV module, multi VRF unit and public power grid, so as to achieve bilateral flow and multi-way mixing in DC side, thus PV direct-driven utilization rate can be up to 98%, with 5%-7% higher energy efficiency compared with traditional solar energy air conditioners.

As we all know, photovoltaic energy has the advantages of no pollution, no noise, low maintenance cost and long service life. After years of research and development, Gree photovoltaic air conditioners have excellent energy-saving and intelligent features, and the operation is very stable and reliable. This is the first time for PV multi VRF unit GMV5 to exhibit at the C&R 2019. With the latest eco-friendly refrigerant R32, it has won the recognition of many parties and successfully gained the innovation award of this exhibition.

William Zhao, Assistant General Manager of Gree Overseas Sales Company, said in an interview with European reporters, “The competition in the European market is very fierce, and the energy efficiency requirements are getting higher and higher in recent years. But Gree’s technology has been ahead of market demand. This time the products on display are all equipped with new eco-friendly refrigerant R32. Moreover, the newly launched photovoltaic multi VRF unit GMV5 overturns the traditional electricity-using concept of air conditioners and saves energy consumption to the greatest extent. It is a real eco-friendly air conditioner. In the future, Gree will introduce more environmentally friendly and high-tech products to the European market to meet local market demand.”

It is reported that Gree products have been repeatedly honored with European authoritative awards. In April 2018, the two-stage triple-cylinder compressor developed by Gree won the gold medal awarded by the International Association of Inventions in Geneva. This time the award again proves the strong R&D strength of Gree. Gree technology is already at the forefront of the world.

In recent years, Gree has become more and more powerful in the European market. With the launch of a number of core technologies, the professional image of Gree will go deep into people’s mind, and we are expecting a promising future in the European market.