Gree Wins 6 Awards in Int’l Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

Recently, at the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Gree won a total of six awards, namely three gold awards, one silver award, and two special awards. In which, Gree AI multi VRF unit GMV6 got a gold award and Saudi Arabia Outstanding Innovation Award, and the high-precision magnetic bearing system got a gold award and Morocco Special Gold Award.

International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, jointly held by World Intellectual Property Organization, Swiss Federal Government, etc., is one of the inventive exhibitions with the longest history and the greatest scale in the world, and the international exhibition for the latest inventions as well, enjoying a high reputation internationally.

Core technologies from four projects, solving industrial difficulties

1. Gree AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6

Under the leadership of Dong Mingzhu, Gree developed the first linkage control technology to achieve weather prediction parameters and artificial intelligence multi VRF product based on big data energy-saving operation algorithms——Gree AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6.

Through key technologies such as low-power standby control, new intelligent defrost control, high-efficiency heat exchange self-adaption technology, and intelligent rotation control, it can achieve standby power as low as 1W for a single outdoor unit and up to 40% of efficiency improvement for continuous heating, which has greatly improved the energy-saving performance and user comfort during the actual operation, overcoming the increasingly complicated problems of traditional multi VRF application scenarios and the obvious shortcomings of operational adaptability.

2. Gree High-precision Magnetic Bearing System

Gree High-precision Magnetic Bearing System won the Gold Award and Morocco Special Gold Award. The system is mainly composed of five core components: magnetic bearing, bearing controller, displacement sensor, high-speed motor and high-power inverter. The shaft is stably suspended in space by electromagnetic force, thus oil-free, friction-free, and high-speed operation is achieved. The suspension accuracy can be up to 2um, with the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, free of maintenance and so on.

3. Gree Vehicle Urea Intelligent Machine

Gree Vehicle Urea Intelligent Machine won the gold award. Equipped with six-in-one core technologies: Gree ultra-pure water preparation, air source heat pump energy-saving heating, high-efficiency solution circulation mixing, intelligent monitoring, automatic solution storage, and convenient charging, the machine has achieved the leap-forward development of urea aqueous solution production technology, helping the vehicle purification of exhaust gas, improvement of ecological environment, reduction of consumer burden and government regulation.

4. Gree High-efficiency Direct-cooling Air Conditioning Unit for Metro Stations

Gree High-efficiency Direct-cooling Air Conditioning Unit for Metro Stations, which was accredited as “World Leading” by the China National Machinery Industry Association, won the silver award. It can save 22.5% - 27.5% of the overall energy consumption of the metro station, and save electricity by 675 - 743 million degrees (estimated at 350 kWh/KM per year) through several advanced technologies, such as the world’s first “small flow and small pressure ratio” centrifugal compressor dedicated to the working conditions of metro stations, refrigerant direct expansion and cooling technology, refrigerant three-stage distribution technology, dynamic dual-flow decoupling energy-saving control strategy, and multiple refrigerant anti-leak design, etc.

Recognized by both industry and market, innovative achievements enjoy world-wide praise

Gree enjoys high praise in the industry and has won numerous awards in many fields. The six awards of International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva are just a microcosm of the authoritative recognition for Gree’s independent innovation products and technologies.

Gree’s innovative technologies, while gaining many honors, also serve major super projects at home and abroad. Gree’s model projects such as the Phoenix Mart in America, the Inner Mongolia Railway project along the “Belt and Road” countries, the, the Great Hall of the People project, and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge have spread all over the world and become the choice of 400 million users worldwide.

Winning of so many authoritative honors and super projects home and abroad, is not only the industry and market recognition of China’s manufacturing and the core technology of Gree, but also the higher expectations and requirements to Gree. Dong Mingzhu said that in the future, Gree will continue to increase the research and development of key and core technologies, so that more innovations can be applied worldwide.