Gree Shines in Dubai BIG5 Show

From November 26th to 29th, local time, the BIG5 Show is held in Dubai World Trade Center of the United Arab Emirates. Exhibitors from many countries around the world gather at the show to showcase their cutting-edge technologies and star products. Gree Electric, who is committed to “Made in China, Loved by the World”, exhibits five product categories of commercial air conditioners, residential air conditioners, home appliances, refrigerators and industrial products in this show, aiming to allow users from all over the world to experience the “comfortable, energy-saving, eco-friendly” life brought by Gree’s newly-developed photovoltaic technology, and the changes brought by “Made in China”.

Gree PV Air Conditioner, the Return of Powerful Performances

It is well known that the Middle East is rich in fossil energy. Power generation by using non-renewable energy sources, e.g. oil, for a long term not only causes big energy consumption, but also brings serious pollution, resulting in the increase of electricity costs. In addition to its rich fossil energy reserves, the Middle East is one of the regions with the most abundant solar radiation in the world, therefore, it has unique conditions to develop and utilize solar energy.

In response to the situation of rich solar energy resource and rising electricity fee in the Middle East, Gree PV air conditioner comes back after three years with its powerful performances, attracting many visitors.

It’s learned from Gree staff on site, Gree's self-developed PV air conditioners adopts PV direct-driven technology with efficiency as high as 98.9%. Gree PV air conditioner, known for its “zero electricity fee”, brings coolness to the users with outstanding economic benefits.

What’s more, Gree PV air conditioner also performs well in environmental protection and refrigeration performance. It adopts eco-friendly refrigerant R32 and Gree self-developed two-stage compression technology, with cooling capacity improved by 28% at 54℃ compared with the products adopting conventional compressors.

“Photovoltaic power generation will be one of the reform directions for future energy utilization in the Middle East. The integration of photovoltaic buildings in the Middle East is gradually advancing. The prospect of Gree PV air conditioner in the Middle East is quite promising in the next few years. Besides, it is very popular in the Middle East and has won the bids of many local key projects, such as Riyadh Mosque PV project, office building PV project of Gree Agent Basic, Riyadh juice factory PV project, Pakistan PSAQSJ PV project, Pakistan Palestine Mall PV project and Pakistan Qaliqila Hospital PV project, etc. This time, Gree takes its new mono-split and multi-split residential PV air conditioners to the show, meeting the diverse demands of users,” The Gree staff responsible for projects in the Middle East said in an interview at the exhibition.  

G-IEMS Local Energy and Internet Management System – “Light” of the Future

Gree also demonstrates the self-developed G-IEMS Local Energy and Internet Management System. G-IEMS is a complete ecosystem that combines high-efficiency power generation, safe power storage, reliable power conversion, high-efficiency power consumption, real-time energy control, centralized energy information management and lightweight interaction. Under the unified management of this energy interconnection “net”, big data computing and automatic control will perform unified adjustment to household appliances instead of manual control. This integrated system management mode can realize the free trade of electric energy, so that users in the Middle East or even in the world can experience the “futuristic” energy application in advance.

At present, Gree G-IEMS is able to provide complete energy solutions on power generation, power storage, power consumption, and power management for residential houses, factories, communities and parks. Currently Gree has served 24 countries and regions around the world by establishing more than 5,000 sets of PV air conditioning systems, covering the Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia and other areas. In this exhibition, many local exhibitors show great interests in Gree PV air conditioner and Gree G-IEMS Local Energy and Internet Management System, and many of them have expressed their cooperation intentions.

Gree’s Diversified Product Categories Accelerate “Made in China, Loved by the Middle East”  

Gree PV air conditioner and G-IEMS Local Energy and Internet Management System embody high technologies. Just meeting the demands in the Middle East market, they become the spotlight of the BIG5 Show. Other commercial air conditioners, residential air conditioners, home appliances, refrigerators and industrial products at Gree booth also impress the visitors with their excellent quality.

The newly-developed AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6 is also exhibited. The system can select operation mode intelligently according to the weather, to achieve the maximum energy-saving effect. Eight-star energy-efficient U-match unit which is specially developed for Saudi Arabia and U-match series wall-mounted indoor unit which is specially developed for Dubai, as well as PTAC and controllers, have earned lots of attention from visitors.

“For the Clearer Sky and Greener Earth” is the vision that Gree has always adhered to. “Made in China, Loved by the World” is the goal that Gree has long strived for. Gree will insist on independent innovation and high quality products, to make the Middle East people or even the people from all over the world love Made-in-China.