Gree Exhibits a Variety of Superior Products at Canton Fair

On Oct 15, the 124th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) has inaugrated at China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou. Gree has brought a variety of superior products of its three brands, i.e. GREE, KINGHOME, TOSOT, to the expo.

New Generation Energy-saving CAC GMV ECO Makes its World Debut

Gree is highly anticipated for its display theme: “Three-new” Technology—“New Energy, New Technology, New refrigerant”. At the 124th Canton Fair, Gree will hold a new product launch of its new generation energy-saving commercial air conditioner GMV ECO which features “50% Power Savings”. With this new technology, Gree will make a new impression on the trade visitors.

This new generation energy-saving CAC GMV ECO adopts the world-leading inverter and variable volume technology. Its compressor can meet the requirements in different operating conditions because it can run either with one cylinder or two cylinders. Even when the load is 10%, it can still run efficiently. Energy efficiency is improved by 130% and the minimum cooling capacity can be as low as 5% of the rated cooling capacity, which has helped to avoid indoor temperature fluctuation and frequent On/Off. For household VRF units, users don’t have to be worried about the minimum output and low energy efficiency under low load. To put it simple, compressor will run with one cylinder when the load is low so that it can save power cost as much as possible while satisfying the cooling/heating demand of users.  

Other Highlights: AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6 and G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System

The other highlights in Gree booth are the AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6 and G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System, which are presented at both sides of the new product display area. It is learned that GMV6 has already made its world debut in an international refrigeration exposition in this April. This unit is integrated with artificial intelligence technology, which allows it to be capable of low energy consumption in standby mode, location self-adaptation and automatic malfunction diagnosis. It has started an "AI Revolution" in the area of VRF units. In the field of technological innovation, the development of artificial intelligence is always the focus of attention. By exhibiting the new energy technology at the Autumn Canton Fair, Gree is ready to push Made-in-China further to the world and help boost the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

As the other highlight at the fair, G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System has also caught a lot of attention since it was presented at IFA in Germany. It has brought the energy revolution to the world. "G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System is a complete ecosystem that integrates efficient power generation, safe power storage, reliable power transformation, efficient power consumption, real-time energy control, energy information centralized management and lightweight interaction. Its efficient utilization of PV power and power distribution have helped promoting the use of clean energy as advocated by the Country." said the responsible person of Gree booth in an interview.

A Variety of Superior Products and Technological Achievements are Presented

During this trade fair, Gree displayed its products on the theme of "Three-new" Technology, namely, "New Energy, New Technology and New Refrigerant", presenting its independently-developed technologies to visitors from all over the world. The company has developed many high performance products with independent innovation, covering commercial air conditioners, residential air conditioners and TOSOT home appliances.

For instance, our Fairy series air conditioners are equipped with two-stage compressors, which can achieve strong cooling performance even at high temperature. They are especially suitable to consumers in hot places of the Middle East and South East Asia. As to R32 Versati, since it adopts R32 eco-friendly refrigerant, it will greatly help the emission reduction of greenhouse gases. Besides, it is designed with an air-supplying and enthalpy-adding system, enabling the rated heating energy efficiency up to 5.0. This unit can maintain efficient heating performance while achieving emission reduction and energy conservation. These two products have won a great deal of compliments at the fair. Gree is changing people's life with technologies and sharing its technological achievements to the world.

Canton Fair has now become the most comprehensive trade show with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers and the greatest business turnover in China. It has provided a good platform for Gree to showcase its independent innovation and core technologies, to push China manufacturing to go global, to serve the world with high technologies and to prove the quality of Made-in-China to the world.