Gree Serves Togo Parliament Buildings

With the national policy of the "Belt and Road" initiative, Gree has won a new benchmarking project in Africa, providing air conditioning system for Togo Parliament Buildings.

The Republic of Togo (French: République Togolaise) is one of the West African countries, sharing the border with Benin on the east, Burkina Faso on the north, Ghana on the West and the Gulf of Guinea on the south. The Togo Parliament Buildings are located in Lome, the capital of Togo, covering an area of 8.5 hectares. It is fan-shaped, including General Assembly Hall, Banquet Hall, Parliament Hall and various conference rooms and offices, with a total floor area of about 13,000 m2.

It’s learned that Gree U-MATCH and DC Inverter VRF Unit GMV5 have been put into use recently at Togo Parliament Buildings.

Because this project is at the Atlantic coast, it has high requirements for the air conditioning system in the aspects of anti-corrosion, dehumidification, noise-control, fast cooling, air supply, etc. By considering local conditions, Gree sales team has recommended U-MATCH and GMV5 for this project, and finally has won the trust of customers.


Thanks to Gree self-developed DC inverter technology, optimized air conditioning system design and intelligent control technology, IPLV of the unit is up to 9.5, far exceeding the requirements of national first-class energy conservation indicators.


According to different requirements, U-MATCH system can match with different types of indoor units, with characteristics of easy installation, easy maintenance, high energy efficiency, etc.

Since 2018, Gree has won many benchmarking projects in the countries along the “Belt and Road", promoting "Made in China" in the world. Gree people spare no effort for the mission of "Made in China, Loved by the World".