Gree Ranks No.1 of Global Market Share of RAC

Recently, the world-famous economic media, Nihon Keizai Shimbun (“Nikkei”), has released the “Survey of Market Share for Major Global Goods and Services 2017”. Among the 71 surveyed categories, Chinese enterprises have gained No.1 market share in 9 categories. Gree, with market share of 21.9%, topped the list of RAC, surpassing the second place by 7%.

Powerful Performance

Buffalo of the United States is in an extremely cold area. In a traditional way of air conditioning, air conditioner is used in summer and boiler is used in winter, which has large energy consumption with unsatisfactory user experience. In early 2018, with the powerful performance of stable heating under ultra-low temperature and Gree triple-cylinder two-stage rotary compressor of variable volume ratio, Gree Ultra Heat Series Ultra-low Temperature Heating Multi VRF Units won the bid of Wyndham Hotel in Buffalo, providing services for local consumers.

Adhering to self-innovation and mastering core technologies, Gree does not only tackle the difficulty of heating under low temperature, but also develop a new generation of “COOL” outdoor unit, which can achieve optimum cooling performance under high temperature.

An air conditioner can be divided into two parts: indoor unit and outdoor unit. Outdoor unit affects the refrigeration performance directly. If outdoor temperature has exceeded the refrigeration limitation of outdoor unit, the result could be incapacity of refrigeration or malfunction. However, the new generation of Gree self-developed “COOL” outdoor unit, making cooling under high temperature of 60℃ available, has become a solid choice for consumers in hot regions like Africa, the Middle East and so on.  

Comfortable and Energy-saving for a Better Life

In 2011, Gree independently developed the key technology of “1Hz” inverter for air conditioner, which was awarded the “China National Science&Technology Progress Award” and accredited as “World Leading” by authority. When the operation speed of compressor reaches 1Hz, power dissipation is as low as 15W (equals to power consumption of a bulb), electric energy consumption is decreased vastly. It has become a representative of RAC energy-saving technology all over the world.  

At the same year of 2011, the research and development of R290 (propane) eco-friendly refrigerant air conditioner and the completion of production line for the world’s first R290 environmental refrigerant air conditioner passed the site inspection of experts from China and Germany, which has played a demonstrative role in the application of eco-friendly technologies in our country, or even in the global refrigeration industry.

To make air conditioners more energy-saving and comfortable, Gree launched the distributed air supply technology in 2017 based on consumers’ demand. This technology adopts a more scientific and efficient airflow method, narrowing indoor vertical temperature difference greatly. It realizes “heating from the bottom up”, bringing more comfortable experience. Meanwhile, the distributed air supply method enables heat to act on activity area directly, thus reducing the waste of accumulative heat at the top of the room, and less electricity charge.

Currently, Gree has over 80,000 staffs and the number of R&D staffs has exceeded 12,000. Gree has 1 state key laboratory, 1 national industrial design center, 2 national technology research centers, 12 institutes, 72 research institutions and 727 advanced laboratories. Meanwhile, Gree has 24 “World Leading” technologies accumulatively and has applied for 36,949 patents. In addition to that, Gree has participated in the formulation of all kinds of domestic and international standards.