Gree and SENAI Set up a Joint Training Center in South America

On June 28, 2018, the Refrigeration Technology Training Center jointly established by Gree and SENAI, the largest vocational and technical college in South America, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the branch school of Amazonia.

It is reported that Gree has provided multiple sets of air conditioners and running simulators for the laboratory. The experimental instruments will be used for more than 300 air conditioning and refrigeration technology students to train and practice every year. At the same time, Gree also tailored the professional learning materials for SENAI College, so that SENAI teachers and students can learn the world's most advanced air conditioning technology and philosophy. The establishment of the joint training center marks a new step for Gree in the Brazilian market in the deepening of the industrial chain and cooperation between industry, academy and research.

SENAI , being the fifth largest in the world and the largest vocational education group in Latin America,  was funded by the Brazilian Federal Government. Its teaching includes 28 industries in Brazil, covering more than 1600 cities across the country. Since its establishment in 1942, it has awarded more than 73.7 million people professional qualifications that have absolute authority and leading position in the Brazilian vocational education industry.

“The professional division of labor in the Brazilian air-conditioning market is extremely subdivided and mature. In addition to air-conditioning manufacturers and distributors, installers, after-sales outlets and accessory suppliers are very independent groups and sectors. Each group promotes and sells the brand. As a vocational education institution, the Vocational and Technical College continues to deliver qualified personnel to various industries in Brazil. Gree will continue to strengthen cooperation with SENAI in the future, cooperate with more branch schools in Brazil to build training centers, and bring the world's most advanced air-conditioning products and technology experience to more SENAI teachers and students." A responsible person of Gree Brazil said in an interview.

“This time we teamed up with the world's leading air-conditioning company to introduce Gree air-conditioners as our learning equipment in our laboratory, which brings lasting benefits to all participants and is mutually beneficial, especially to SENAI Amazon Campus. While learning the theory, students can gain a wider range of experience in practice and become professionals with professionalism and innovation.” Nelson Azevedo, Vice President of the Federation of Industry of the Amazon (FIEAM), said at the inauguration ceremony of the joint laboratory.

Gree Brazil is the first air-conditioning production base overseas built by Gree, as well as the first overseas one established by domestic air-conditioning companies. In the process of localized operation, Gree has been deeply researching the unique characteristics of the Brazilian market. The sales process not only focuses on the development of sales channels, but also on building partnership with after-sales outlets, accessory suppliers and vocational training institutions, extending the influence of Gree brand into various professional divisions of the air-conditioning industry. Deeply cultivating in Brazil is a long-term commitment for Gree Brazil.