Gree AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6, A Big Hit at Canton Fair

On April 16, Gree exhibited the AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6 at the China Import and Export Fair (“Canton Fair”), which just had its world debut at Beijing Refrigeration Exhibition.

During the promotion, Mr. Oyang Jun, Vice General Manager of Gree Overseas Sales Company introduced that, through in-depth combination with AI technology, Gree AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6 has several functions such as low energy consumption under standby status, positioning self-reaction, self-diagnosis, and more.

Low standby energy consumption, energy-saving and eco-friendly

Generally speaking, apart from operation, the air conditioner is under standby status in most of the time. To maintain the reliability of compressor startup, traditional multi VRF units need to keep heating capacity with electric heating belt to avoid liquid refrigerant from entering, which might affect the lubricant. Therefore, the units will generate additional standby energy consumption. And standby energy consumption for traditional units in current market is 40W on average.

With Gree’s innovative G-WFC technology based on weather forecast and control strategy of compressor refrigerant transfer, Gree AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6 is able to predict the variation trend of future weather and temperature in advance, further control the compressor oil temperature heating belt intelligently, which can reduce 80% of startup time for electric heating. Power consumption under standby status for outdoor unit is as low as 1W.

Positioning self-reaction, a “smarter” air conditioner

In different application regions and locations, consumers’ user experience for the same unit is not always the same. Regions with high altitude, latitude and emergency requirements demand the units with special requirements; however, the built-in fixed programs of traditional units fail to satisfy these diversified demands in most cases. This time, Gree AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6 successfully tackles the core difficulties.

In some regions which the altitude is relatively high, low air density and little air flow will influence the cooling effect of air conditioner. With the support of positioning self-reaction, Gree AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6 could judge the altitude of the unit through GPS and predict parameters by combining the atmospheric pressure, automatically supplement the attenuation of air flow due to decrease of air density, thus ensuring efficient operation.

In allusion to the air conditioning problem of slow defrosting in high latitude regions under heating mode, Gree AI Multi VRF Unit can position the climate where the unit is located precisely, then obtain the optimal operation frequency for compression under the conditions of different temperature and humidity, formulate diverse defrosting modes with climate feature and push them to the system, thus realizing parameter self-adjusting and intelligent custom defrosting mode, bringing more comfortable experience to the consumers.

Self-diagnosis as a preventive measure

It’s difficult for traditional air conditioners to predict any hidden troubles and eliminate the errors in advance. With self-prediction and self-diagnosis technology, Gree AI Multi VRF Unit is able to conduct timely detection for the application condition of the unit, carry out analysis on compressor core parameters, count and learn the existing operation parameters and error maintenance data persistently, establish the corresponding relationship between unit operation feature and error, and then proceed diagnosis and prediction for the error.

“It’s definitely a very smart robot and I believe electric charge can be saved a lot. The diversification and intelligence of energy information is what we are longing for. I’m so glad to see that Gree is sharing the highly-anticipated AI revolution with the world,” said Deputy CEO Eng.Hamed, from Basic Electronics Co., Ltd., Gree’s exclusive agent in the Middle East.

Under the background of globalization, every field is developing with coordinating efforts, and the rapid development of manufacturing industry is going to provide a wonderful life for the people all over the world. The promotion of Gree AI Multi VRF Unit at Canton Fair further shares the technological achievement of AI in air conditioning field to the whole world.