Gree Serves China’s First Overseas Extra-high Voltage Project

Recently Gree has won the second-phase extra-high voltage power supply project in Belo Monte, Brazil. State Grid Corporation of China is in charge of the construction of the entire project and Gree will provide a complete HVAC solution for all the convertor stations in this project with its independently-developed special central air conditioners, helping the "Go Global" of China's extra-high voltage technology and showing the world the power of "China manufacturing".      

Plan view of the convertor stations of the second-phase extra-high voltage power project in Belo Monte, Brazil

This extra-high voltage power transmission project is built for the second largest hydropower station of Brazil. It will cover a total length of 2,518 km with a transmission capacity of 4 million kilowatts. It will coordinate with the first-phase power project of Belo Monte to supply the clean energy from the north to the load center in the southeast. This is also the first time for China to be solely in charge of an extra-high voltage power project overseas, which indicates an important breakthrough of the "Go Global" of China's extra-high voltage technology and will be a significant milestone in the electric power cooperation between China and Brazil.

This project has very strict requirements for its HVAC equipment. As a place for the energy conversion between DC and AC, a convertor station in a power system is equipped with a great many special electrical equipment, therefore, it is the core of the whole extra-high voltage power project. Convertor stations will generate large amounts of heat and need to get cool in time. They have extremely high requirements on ambient temperature, ambient humidity and cleanness and have to maintain perfect electromagnetic shielding performance. Moreover, they have to keep running day and night so as to ensure continuous power supply. The HVAC equipment in convertor stations have to run stably and reliably for at least 30 years.

In order to satisfy the requirements on safety, stability and high energy efficiency, Gree has set up a special crew for this project. We not only engaged ourselves in the development of applicable products but also took part in the integrated engineering design of HVAC equipment, fire protection, power distribution system and group control system all the way through.

Finally Gree developed the complete air system + constant flow water system for the project, in which the valve hall and control building adopt separate air conditioning systems without interfering with each other. Gree has also developed a special high-efficiency screw type air-cooled chiller and special packaged air handling units to suit the needs of convertor stations. These units not only have long lifetime but also feature high corrosion-proof and shock-proof performance. The total refrigerating capacity is up to 2,000RT. The screw compressors and some other core components are all independently developed and made by Gree.

Mr. Xie Dongbo, Assistant President of Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai said that during an interview, “No matter how harsh the use environment is and no matter how large the capacity needs to be, Gree can supply you with its self-developed technologies and products to meet your demands. ‘Made in China, Loved by the World’ is the driving force for Gree to overcome challenges and keep moving on.”

China's extra-high voltage technology is an important technology innovation in a world-leading level. It features large capacity, long distance, low loss and space saving, with outstanding economic efficiency of scale and network. Developing the extra-high voltage power transmission is a practical path for the energy development in Brazil.

As the first extra-high voltage power project that China has invested overseas, it is significant for encouraging China's high-end technology and equipment to go global and promoting the economic and trade cooperation between China and Brazil.

In July 2014, witnessed by President Xi Jinping and Brazil's former president Rousseff, State Grid Corporation of China and the national power corporation of Brazil signed the collaboration agreement concerning the extra-high voltage power transmission project of Belo Monte. In May 2015, a ground breaking ceremony was held for the power project in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Premier of the State Council, Li Keqiang, and Brazil's former president Rousseff joined the ceremony to witness the official start of the construction of the world's third largest hydropower station.

Ground breaking ceremony of the second-phase extra-high voltage power project

With excellent product performance and advanced service idea, Gree won the bidding of this project after securing multiple nuclear power projects. This is the first time for Gree to be involved in extra-high voltage power transmission project. Taking such a big challenge is not just a way for Gree to go global but also an opportunity to show its world-leading technological power and bring benefits to Brazil and people alongside the Belt and Road Initiative.

Apart from the second-phase extra-high voltage power project in Belo Monte, Gree has won many important projects just in the beginning of this year, including the Gwadar Port project in Pakistan, which is the core hub of the "Belt and Road" and also one of the five national energy strategic channels, and the projects of China-Laos Railway and the Kantaya Center in Yangon, Burma.

Over the years, Gree has been actively following the country's call for "Go Global", adhering to the strategy of "Market Comes before Factory" and the development path of independent innovation and self-owned brands. It has successfully turned into a technology leader from a technology follower and has greatly improved the reputation of Chinese-made products.

Closing meeting in Gree HQ for the second-phase extra-high voltage power project

By winning the bids of Milan World Expo, the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Rio Olympic Games and the world's largest PV AC project in Phoenix Mart in America, Gree has demonstrated with its leading technology and superior quality that it is going global and serving customers around the globe.