Gree Wins Quality Innovation Award

Recently, the ceremony for Quality Innovation Award 2017 was held in Bilbao, Spain. Gree has won the Quality Innovation Award for the Development and Application of Photovoltaic Direct-driven Inverter Air Conditioning System, becoming the only Chinese enterprise in the electrical appliances industry that has gained this award.

#Quality Innovation Award#

The Quality Innovation Award kicked off in Finland in 2007, which is the most authoritative and influential international activity in the quality innovation field. This activity is designed to help the quality innovation projects to get a professional international evaluation and comparison for enhancing enterprise’s reputation and international competitiveness.

61 projects from 12 countries have been involved in the Quality Innovation Award 2017. China Association for Quality joined in the recommendation and selection of international quality innovation projects on behalf of China, and 7 Chinese enterprises (Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai, Beijing Aerospace System Engineering Research Institute, etc.) participated in this competition, and they have won the honors for China in the international quality innovation filed.

Winning the battle for the blue sky is the top priority for the critical battle of prevention and control of pollution, that is, to further lower PM2.5 concentration, notably reduce the heavy pollution days, greatly improve the atmospheric environmental quality and significantly enhance the sense of happiness of people. Over-exploitation of fossil energy leads to resource depletion, and serious environmental pollution makes the earth overwhelmed. How to achieve sustainable development has become the biggest challenge for human beings.

By relying on independent innovation engineering system and “Gree perfect quality mode”, Gree creatively conducted the cross-border integration between the renewable energy sources and the air conditioning technology, and developed PV direct-driven inverter air conditioning system for realizing energy self-sufficiency and sustainable development.  

Take the Phoenix Mart project in America which has adopted Gree PV air conditioners for an example. It can reduce 8,600 tons of CO2/72 tons of SO2/33 tons of Nitride/56 tons of dust emission every year, equal to planting a forest of 4.3 million㎡.

Dong Mingzhu, Chairperson of the Board and President of Gree Electric, thinks that quality is the life of an enterprise and product brands as well. Chinese manufacturing should further carry out quality improvement action and implement quality revolution. That’s the responsibility of an enterprise.

Gree always implements the strict quality control from product design to purchase, production, packing, transportation, installation and service, and it has created T9 management system, D-CTFP quality innovative driven ring, PQAM perfect quality mode, etc.

The Satisfaction Evaluation of Air Conditioning Products 2016 released by China Association for Quality and National Consumer Committee shows that Gree has topped the air conditioning satisfaction ranking list again. Thanks to the high quality awareness and strict quality management, quality of Gree products is improving steadily and product failure rate has been decreased by at least 20% for 10 consecutive  years.

Each award is the driving force for Gree. To attach more importance to quality is the social responsibility for an enterprise. For better life, Gree will continue to spare no effort for high quality.