Gree Shows “Green” Technologies in 2018 MCE Expo

On March 13, local time, the biennial MCE Expo is grandly held in Fiera Milano Rho Exhibition Center. Gree attended the expo with its independently developed G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System, eco-friendly refrigerant AC, and ultra-low heating technology. At this expo, which has the largest scale and the widest product range in European refrigeration and AC industry, Gree introduced its “Green” core technologies to the world.

In this exhibition, Gree booth is divided into 5 areas: G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System area, energy-saving area (R290 and R32 eco-friendly refrigerant), air conditioners area, home appliances area and industrial products area, among which, G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System area is the key exhibition area.

Visitors who have been to 2017 IFA Exhibition must know G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System. In the 2017 IFA Exhibition, G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System was officially released and aroused great response.

G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System is a complete ecosystem that integrates efficient power generation, safe power storage, reliable power transformation, efficient power consumption, real-time energy control, energy information centralized management and lightweight interaction. It does not only apply safe and reliable PV energy, but also realizes off-peak power consumption that effectively improves the efficiency of power system, releases the pressure of power supply, and provides a greener and more comfortable life for consumers.

In order to further promote the development of energy conservation, a promotion event of G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System is held at the 2018 MCE Expo.

Mr. Roberto Mallozzi, Chief Executive Officer of Klima-therm Company, attended the promotion as Gree UK agent and shared his experience of the cooperation with Gree and his idea about the latest Gree product——G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System.

“The world’s first Photovoltaic Direct-driven Inverter Centrifugal Chiller was independently developed by Gree, which was rewarded with UK RAC Cooling Industry Awards, and Gree was the first Chinese enterprise to get this award. After 3 years’ cooperation, I’ve witnessed the strong technical R&D strength and advanced enterprise development strategies of Gree, thus I have full confidence in the development potential of G-IEMS system. I believe it will have positive effects on the environmental causes of Europe and even the world.”

R32 eco-friendly refrigerant AC, popular in Italy

Energy-saving area is the largest one in Gree booth, which is mainly for R32 and R290 eco-friendly refrigerant AC.

Refrigerant is the “blood” of an air conditioner. Traditional refrigerant may impact the ozone layer or cause greenhouse effect. From January 1, 2015, EU formally carried out the new regulations of F-gas, aiming at reducing the quota of F-gas to 1/3 of that in the market by 2030. It has become an irresistible trend for EU market to adopt the AC with a new kind of refrigerant.

At this MCE Expo, R32 series air conditioners are mainly residential wall-mounted units, Free Match & U-Match light commercial air conditioners and portable units. For residential wall-mounted units, there are three series on show.

Along with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, the demand for air conditioners with eco-friendly refrigerant is accordingly increased.

With self-innovative technology and fast product update, in spite of the high threshold and high standard of EU market, Gree R32 refrigerant air conditioners have a bright prospect in the Italian market: in 2018, market share of Gree R32 refrigerant series products is expected to be increased by 30% or higher, and the expected sales proportion of Gree R32 series products will be set at 80%.

Ultra low temperature heating technology warms the Europe

Winter is relatively cold in many European regions. Heat pump, as a highly efficient and eco-friendly heating method, is suitable for such regions in winter. However, heating effect of heat pump is not so well under super low temperature, and most of the heat pumps in the market cannot satisfy the heating demand of extremely cold regions, which has become the key problem to hinder the promotion of air source heat pump.

In September of 2016, Gree triple-cylinder two-stage rotary compressor of variable volume ratio technology was accredited as “World Leading” by experts of the industry. Multi VRF units with such technology can conduct heating without attenuation under -25℃. No auxiliary heating is needed even under the ambient temperature of -30℃, and the air-out temperature can be up to 45℃. The unit can operate stably under a wide temperature range from -35℃ to 54℃.

Air conditioners and heat pump water heaters that adopt such technology not only have the features of high-temperature heating and high energy efficiency, but also excellent energy-saving effect with national double energy-saving authentications. Thanks to the unique detection technology and self-diagnosis control technology, unit’s overall freeze-proofing capacity is improved.

Gree undertakes the responsibility of sustainable development with Green Technologies

Over the years, Gree has devoted itself in developing core technologies and creating “Green” technologies: the self-developed R290 and R32 new refrigerant technology, which has greatly reduced the impact on ozone layer and mitigated the greenhouse effect; 1 Hz inverter technology, saving about 440 kWh with the electric charge of 264 RMB per year for the air conditioner; Photovoltaic Direct-driven Inverter Centrifugal Chiller was developed in 2013, leading air conditioners to an era of “no electricity charge”; the latest developed G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System has drawn a new blueprint for the future energy network.

At the 2018 MCE Expo, Gree does not only show its “Green” technologies, but also its responsibility for sustainable development and determination to create a better future life.