Gree Serves Brazil’s Coal-fired Power Plant Project

Joyful news came from Gree Brazil recently. Adopting Gree GMV5 Series All DC Inverter VRF Units, AC project of Brazil PAMPA 340MW coal-fired power plant has entered the installation phase. These ACs will be officially put into service in the second half of 2018.        

Located in Candiota, Rio Grande Do Sul, the PAMPA 340MW coal-fired power plant project is invested by Brazil Tractebel Energia Company with total investment of $700 million. It is not only the coal-fired power plant that Tractebel Energia Company has invested the most in Brazil, but also the one for which Tractebel Energia Company adopts Gree central ACs for the first time.

The project has strict and high international standards and requirements in the aspects of design, equipment, and construction, etc. Due to the specialty, high design standards, complicated technical details, difficult construction conditions and urgent construction period of the project, Gree has customized a practicable implementation plan. With the leading technology, stable operation and professional services, in the end, Gree GMV5 Series All DC Inverter VRF Units successfully won the recognition of the owners and general contractors.

The CAN bus communication technology adopted in Gree GMV5 All DC Inverter VRF Units, with high reliability and fast communication speed, has been accredited as “world leading”; GMV5 VRF units have applied for 105 patents and 49 of them are invention patents; the evaporation temperature self-adaptation control technology can automatically adjust the evaporation temperature of the system according to system load change, outputting the unit capacity according to demands; 2 energy conservation operation modes are available for free selection, satisfying the requirements of urban off-peak power consumption and electricity rationing.

So far, Gree has applied for over 30,000 patents accumulatively, ranking the first for consecutive years in AC industry. By the end of 2017, there were 12 “world leading” achievements related to Gree central ACs.

Win-win Cooperation

Brazil, as the eighth largest economy in the world, has close trade contacts with China. China is not only Brazil’s largest trading partner, but also its largest investor in recent years. Many energy enterprises took investment aim at Brazil.

Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Co., Ltd, under the management of State Power Investment Co., Ltd, is the general EPC contractor of PAMPA 340MW coal-fired power plant project and shall undertake the construction. This project not only introduces the advanced coal-fired power plant design and construction technologies to Brazil, but also applies the state-of-the-art central air conditioning equipment to Brazilian coal-fired power plant for the first time, becoming another reference project of Chinese equipment and technology moving towards Brazil and overseas market, which is definitely a win-win cooperation.

It’s learned that this is also the first time that Gree central ACs are applied to Brazil’s energy production projects after winning the bids of emergency center of ES, Rede TV station, exclusive schools in RS, 2014 FIFA World Cup, 2016 Rio Olympic Games and so on, which is of great significance.

“Business environment of Brazil’s central AC market is complicated and the competition is fierce. American and Japanese brands mainly dominated the market because they entered the market early and they could respond to the market flexibly; however, Gree is always insisting on integrity, high quality and technology. Through substantial products without compromising on quality, Gree has won the reputation gradually and constantly broken the monopoly of American and Japanese brands,” related Gree Brazil principal said.