Gree Serves Gwadar Port in Pakistan

Recently, Gree has won the Gwadar Port project in Pakistan, which is the core hub of the "Belt and Road" and also one of the five national energy strategic channels. This is another benchmarking project for Gree along the "Belt and Road" after winning the China-Laos railway project and the air conditioning project of the Kantaya Center in Yangon, Burma from the beginning of this year.

Gwadar Port is located at the southwest of the Pakistan, 400km away from the Strait of Hormuz ? “global oil lifeline”. It occupies an important geographical position in China’s overseas strategy for Indian Ocean.

In 2013, the Pakistan government handed over the control power of this port to China, with the tenancy term of 43 years. After that, China has established the first special economic zone here.

Thanks to the self-developed core technologies and high-quality products, Gree has won the Gwadar Port project and become the sole air conditioner supplier of this project.This project adopts more than 400 sets of GMV5 All DC Inverter VRF unit. After more than 400 days’ hard work, the installation and debugging have been completed now.

“We select Gree, because Gree has high-quality products and world-leading technologies; more importantly, that’s also because of the influence of Gree brand in Pakistan market,” a responsible person for this project said.