Gree Product Experience Center in Vancouver

On January 16th local time, Gree Product Experience Center in the west of Canada took its debut in Vancouver. Yu Xu, consul of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Canada, Xiaoping Chen,member of Canadian Federal Parliament, Jiebing Qu, BC Province International Trade, Asia-Pacific Strategy and Director-general of Culture Department, Bill McNulty, Richmond mayor, Zeguang Ou, member of Richmond city, Baijin Wang,Acting Mayor of Burnaby ,Jun Oyang, Vice General Manager of Gree Overseas Sales Company, Steve Sun, Gree agent in the west of Canada, representatives of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in the west of Canada, representatives of Chinese merchant in Vancouver and representatives of property developer attended the opening ceremony.

“Gree, as one of the world’s famous enterprises, establishes this center in Vancouver, which shows its recognition on the development potential of Vancouver and Richmond. The economic development in the west of Canada and the population growth are rapid. The quantity of newly established houses is unprecedentedly high, and the air conditioner is the standard configuration for the new houses. On behalf of the local municipal government, we will greatly support Gree”, Bill McNulty said.

Vice General Manager Jun Oyang made a speech at the opening ceremony. “The air conditioner market in the west of Canada developed rapidly, especially the commercial air conditioner. Vancouver, as the biggest city in the west of Canada, is the most important fulcrum for the development of air conditioner market there. Gree PV VRF and Ultra Heating GMV5 have strong market competitiveness because of their leading technologies in the air conditioning industry. As the largest air conditioning manufacturer in the world, Gree has complete product line-up for North American market, with excellent performance and reliable quality. The establishment of this center will help to combine the products with the sales channel more perfectly. I believe Gree will make phenomenal progress thanks to your efforts and support,” he said.  

Vancouver, as a world-famous metropolis, has been voted “the most livable city in the world” thanks to its pleasant climate and high standard of living. In recent years, market demand for air conditioners in Vancouver is higher than ever before. The establishment of this center means that Gree will further expand the western market of Canada in the future.

In November, 2017, Gree has become one of the constitutors of American and Canadian national standards of air conditioner. As for Chinese enterprises, it’s the first time and also the most important step that breaks the technical trade barrier of product export and helps enhance the discourse power in global technology field. Over the past few years, Gree brand products have always kept the rapid growth trend in Canada. After many years’ accumulation, this center has been established successfully.

Gree Product Experience Center aims to show Gree core technologies by taking innovation as the operation philosophy. Gree ultra heat series air conditioners include ultra heating free match, ultra heating GMV5 and ultra heating water heater. In September, 2016, Gree triple-cylinder two-stage rotary compressor of variable volume ratio was awarded the title of “first-created and world leading”, which can operate reliably from -35℃ to 54℃. The air conditioner or the heat pump water heater which adopts this technology can realize both high heating and efficiency simultaneously.

In 2017, Gree ultra heat air conditioner got the world-only UL certificate for its performance in super-low ambient temperature. Gree ultra-low free match can heat strongly at -25℃ and also work reliably at -35℃. In addition, more than 30% of power can be saved.

Gree photovoltaic series air conditioner aims to “Make the Clearer Sky and Greener Earth”. Gree always insists on independent R&D for PV products, adopting PV direct drive, ternary commutation and other core technologies for realizing multi-mode switchover between the power generation system and the power grid. In this way, it can not only reduce the grid pressure, but also make more contribution for energy conservation and emission reduction. Meanwhile, the high-efficiency, stable and reliable operation status will bring more comfortable experience for users.

Gree always presses ahead with the independent R&D to win Canadian market and even the global market by excellent quality and perfect services. Gree is now proving to the world that we are not only “Made in China”, but also “Created in China”. Made in China, Loved by the World.