Gree CAC Wins the Bid of Beijing New Airport

Recently, Gree Electric stood out from numerous world-famous air conditioning brands and became the sole supplier of the main air conditioning unit for all terminals and supporting services of Beijing new airport.


Beijing new airport is a huge comprehensive transportation hub for international flights which is located in Daxing District of Beijing and Langfang City of Hebei province. According to the plan, 79.98 billion yuan is to be invested for the project and 7 airstrips will be constructed to meet the annual passenger demand of 100 million.


At the end of 2015, The Guardian newspaper elected the soon-to-be-completed “New Seven Wonders of the World”, and topping the list is just this airport, the biggest one in the world and in the future.


The project includes two Gree “world leading” achievements: High-Efficiency Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Inverter Centrifugal Ice-Storage and Refrigerating Unit and Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Inverter Centrifugal Chiller. Total unit capacity is up to 29,800RT, which has achieved a qualitative breakthrough in energy conservation and reliability.


The units adopt the High-Speed Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Direct-Driven Motor with Two-Stage Impeller Inverter Drive technology, thus cooling is faster and more efficient, energy conservation effect is 40% higher than a common centrifugal chiller.


Based on the concept of energy conservation and environment protection, the new terminal will be a new domestic landmark building.


With the acceleration of urbanization, building energy consumption has accounted for 33% of total social energy consumption, while air conditioning energy consumption is the main portion of building energy consumption. In allusion to this point, Gree High-Efficiency Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Inverter Centrifugal Ice-Storage and Refrigerating Unit, a large energy-saving and eco-friendly chiller, is therefore developed.


Under the condition of ice-making at -6℃, COP is up to 4.59; while in air conditioning condition, it’s up to 6.6, surpassing national grade 1 energy efficiency. IPLV is 11.17 and comprehensive energy efficiency in all conditions has been improved by at least 30%.


The Ice-Storage and Refrigerating Unit makes ice by operating the main air conditioning unit at night when electrical load is low, then stores the refrigeration capacity like storing ice. In daytime, the electrical load is relatively high, so the main refrigerating unit will be shut down, and then the refrigeration capacity stored at night will be released through ice melting, thus satisfying the cooling demand.


It shifts electric power in peak hours, enhances unit power generation efficiency, relieves the tense pressure of the energy department on power supply, advances the optimal configuration of energy and resources, and provides a new solution for a balanced ecological environment in a modern city.


At present, Gree has 1 national key laboratory, 2 national-level technology research centers, 1 national-level industrial design center, 12 research institutes, 72 research laboratories, 727 advanced laboratories, more than 10,000 scientific researchers and 19 “world leading” technologies. The patents we have applied for have accumulated to 34,927.


In recent years, with the continuous breakthroughs in self-developed key technologies, Gree’s market occupancy is increasing year by year. Its residential air conditioner has ranked No.1 globally for 13 consecutive years since 2005, and the central air conditioner has defeated many well-known brands, topping the Chinese market for 5 consecutive years.


Reference projects of Gree CAC are worldwide. So far, Gree’s global services have covered 30,000 large projects, including Moldova arena of 2018 World Cup venue, South Africa World Cup, Beijing Olympic media village, large business centers in 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Great Hall of the People, China Zun(the tallest skyscraper of Beijing), nuclear pressurized water reactor, Chairman Mao memorial hall and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, etc.