Gree Asia-Pacific Seminar 2017

On Oct 22, 2017, Gree agents from Asia Pacific region gathered together in Gree Zhuhai HQ, to discuss how to accelerate Gree brands development after the 2nd Gree Brands Strategic Partners Conference.


Considering the development strategies proposed by the company's senior management on the conference in regard to the overseas business, representatives from different markets in Asia Pacific shared their experience and had an animated discussion during the seminar.

How to enlarge CAC business to improve company performance with greater profits?

The agents from Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar shared their practices, since Gree CAC business started late in Asia Pacific, and most of the agents began their air conditioner business from RAC, so they could be inspired by the successful practices from these 3 markets.


 How to do the most cost-effective advertising?

TOSOT Philippines and Gree Australia also shared their valuable experience. As for Gree Australia, the local marketing and advertising are very costly, therefore, they seek for sponsors from surrounding communities, business groups, and even social media, radios and televisions and many other channels to carry out intensive promotion activities, thus realizing high return with low cost.


 How to change the prejudice of dealers over “Made in China”?

In recent years, Gree Thailand and Gree Taiwan have organized totally 872 and 631 dealers respectively to visit Gree Zhuhai HQ, which has aroused a surge of passion on Gree in the local markets. In fact, the sales volumes of these 2 markets are soaring which has proved that dealers’ visit to Gree is very useful for marketing and advertising.

At the end of the seminar, Gree Asia Pacific regional management announced the Million USD Club Initiative, which has made the agents become more passionate to strive for better performance in the new season.

Accelerating with passion! After this successful seminar, we are confident that along with the Chinese government's Belt and Road Initiative, backed up by the strong support from Gree, Gree Asia Pacific agents will certainly achieve great success in the near future!