Gree Centrifugal Chiller Wins Vietnamese Project Again

Recently, good news come from the Vietnamese market consecutively. It was less than a week before the last good news regarding the centrifugal chiller from the same market. This week other good news of Permanent-magnet Synchronous Inverter Centrifugal Chiller come to us. Relying on advanced technology, stable operation, and professional service, Gree beat strong competitors including DAKIN, TRANE, CARRIER etc., and successfully won the Vietnam Van Thinh Phat group (VTP) central kitchen project. The model winning the bid are three sets of large commercial units: CVE Series Permanent-magnet Synchronous Inverter Centrifugal Chiller.

VTP group is a large and famous commercial investment group in Vietnam. Its business scope mainly involves high-end real estate, hotel management, and other commercial activities. VTP group properties include high-end star hotels, commercial business centers, office buildings, service apartments and other commercial places, aiming to provide high-end quality services.

The VTP air conditioning project is a large-scale and high-end commercial project, involving an area of 15,000 square meters. Therefore, it has strict requirements for cooling capacity, operational stability and control system’s adaptability of the air conditioning system. With the high energy efficiency and high stability, Gree has stood out from many world-famous brands, demonstrating its absolute strength in the field of large water chiller.

The project model, Permanent-magnet Synchronous Inverter Centrifugal Chiller, has integrated the latest technical output of Gree in the R&D of central air conditioner. Compared to general centrifugal chiller, the annual comprehensive efficiency of this unit has increased by 65%, and energy can be saved more than 40%. With PWM controllable commutation inverter technology, the harmonic distortion rate is less than 5%, and the power factor can be up to 99% or more. The configuration current of electrical equipment can be reduced by 10%. In addition, the unit adopts high-speed motor direct driving impeller, 2-stage compressor enthalpy technology, wide-frequency air-operated technology, green unit-borne transducer, and intelligent restart technology, ensuring the efficiency, reliability and adaptability of unit. Moreover, control system of the unit (Gree Self-control System) can effectively solve the problem of excess capacity distribution, high energy consumption and low comprehensive efficiency, truly realizing the intelligent control of system.

In recent years, Gree brand promotion is enlarging in the Vietnam market. With core technologies, excellent products and professional services, Gree stands out from numerous strong rivals such as European, American, Japanese, and Korean brands in the Vietnam market, wining lots of large commercial projects. Furthermore, it continuously improves the users’ loyalty and enlarges the market share of Gree commercial air conditioner. It is convinced that in the near future, "Made by China, Loved by the World" is not only a slogan, but also a ubiquitous phenomenon.