Cool Summer | Gree Flagship Store Opened in Uttar Pradesh, India

On May 31, although the highest temperature reached 43℃, local citizens in Moradabad city, Uttar Pradesh, can still feel “cool” in such hot summer. This was because, on that day, the opening ceremony of Gree flagship store was held grandly in Moradabad city.

Uttar Pradesh is a state which the Ganges River and Jumna River, India's two holy rivers, run through. It plays an important role in Indian religious culture and is the activity center of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Uttar Pradesh, located in North India, is also the state with the most population.

It was reported that the opening ceremony had attracted more than 100 people, including professional channel installers, retailers, local media, ordinary consumers and so on. North India’s distributors and dealers, as well as the representatives from Gree Overseas Sales Company attended the opening ceremony and made speeches.

After understanding Gree products’ performances by comparison and analysis, the visitors on the spot all expressed strong purchase intentions and the scene was once very hot. The popularity of Gree brand shown on the spot also strengthened dealers’ confidences in selling Gree products. Mr Amit, head of North India distributor, announced to the dealers in the opening ceremony that any dealer signing a contract for purchasing 3,000 sets of Gree air conditioner in one time would get a Mercedes "C" class, which pushed the event to a climax.

The flagship store covers an area of about 100m2 and displays split air conditioners of DC inverter U crown, Fairy, Muse, Bora and Lomo series, and floor standing air conditioners of Fresh wind, T-fresh, I-Shine, I-Crown, I-Shell and Rose II series.

“Opening of the flagship store in Moradabad city is a major step in Gree's successful expansion of dealer channels in North India. Gree has entered the Indian market for many years. With continuous intensive exploration based on local conditions, Gree has implemented the regional distributor model. At present, Gree has developed 4 regional distributors and more than 500 dealers in India, with sales range covering major cities. At the same time, Gree vigorously implements the Gree exclusive store concept. Now, 26 exclusive stores have been established in Indian market. In the next three years, Gree exclusive stores will be found in all main areas in India. We have the confidence to serve more Indian people with Gree products.” The head of South Asia region of Gree Overseas Sales Company said to local media in the interview.

As a global leader in air conditioning industry, Gree always leads the industry by relying on the “Artisan Spirit” and the self-developed core technologies. The leading technological strength not only provides high-quality products to consumers, but also boosts the technological innovation in China's manufacturing industry. Adhering to the spirit of “Made in China, Loved by the world”, Gree has a long way to go.