Innovation Makes the Future

With the theme of "Innovation Makes the Future", the 2nd Gree Brands Strategic Partners Conference is grandly held in Zhuhai on October 19. Almost 300 "Greers" from 130 countries gathered together in this 4-day event, sharing the experience of "Made in China, Loved by the World" and witnessing the great achievements of Gree self-independent innovation.


Gree Overseas Award Ceremony is also held during the conference. Madam Dong Mingzhu, Chairperson of the Board and President of Gree attended the conference in person, delivering a keynote speech of "Innovation Makes the Future" and presenting the prizes to the outstanding strategic partners.


Return in Glory

Self-innovation Makes the Future for "Made in China"

During the conference, Madam Dong stated that, over the past years, Gree has always been insisting on self-innovation. With high-quality and scientific products, all of our distinguished overseas strategic partners are confident in Gree as always, and feel enthusiastic about Gree self-owned brands promotion.


Nearly 30 excellent strategic partners standed out from the addendees. Representatives of the prize-winners shared their successful experience in expanding overseas market and advancing Gree brands development.

Eye-catching and Amazing Self-innovation Achievements

To feel the core technologies of Gree "Made in China" and experience the latest achievements of Gree self-innovation personally, the overseas strategic partners visited Gree Robotics Co., Ltd. Four industrial robots controlled four display screens,  sometimes they were in a row and sometimes they pieced together to form a square. No matter in what shape, the sentence "Welcome Home, Overseas Greers" can be demonstrated in the end, which is quite heart-warming for the overseas strategic partners. They thought highly of the smart robots. A brand strategic partner from Burma said with great admiration, I can't even believe that Gree's intelligent manufacturing level is so high if it is not seen with my own eyes today. The reason why I keep cooperating with Gree and feel confident in Gree for so many years is adequately because of its innovative spirit.



At present, Gree intelligent equipment products have covered more than 10 fields, 5,500 sets of automation equipment with the production value of 2.5 billion is output accumulatively. In the first half year of 2017, revenue of Gree intelligent equipment has been been increased by twenty-seven times when compared with the same period of last year.


Under the joint efforts of overseas strategic partners, the influence of Gree brands in overseas market is increasing. Now, the sales of Gree self-owned brands has accounted for nearly 30% of total sales volume and the self-owned brands are sold to over 160 countries and regions with 300 million global users. Madam Dong emphasized that, Gree is always insisting on self-innovation, mastering core technologies and committing itself to the vision of "A Better and Healthier Life for Human Beings", that's the responsibility for manufacturing industry.