Gree Ultra Heating GMV5 Settled in Wyndham Hotel in Buffalo

Recently, Gree has successfully won the project of Wyndham Hotel in Buffalo, America. This project, with total cooling capacity of about 600RT, will adopt Gree Ultra Heating GMV5.

Buffalo is the second largest city of New York State, America. Wyndham Hotel, located in Buffalo, is solely invested by New York Landco H&L Inc, and it’s a high-end and intelligent comprehensive resort hotel reconstructed from century-old buildings. This hotel is with 350 rooms, covering an area of 300,000 ft2, including shopping, catering, accommodation and other services.

“The winter in Buffalo is longer than other areas and the average snowfall is also higher than most other northern cities. A person in charge of this project said, “We are very glad that Gree will provide the customized heating products for the extremely cold area here. This hotel has high requirements for energy saving and comfort for all air conditioning products. Gree’s product not only meets the heating requirement but is also highly efficient and energy-saving, just a good alternative to the old heating boilers. It’s really the “timely rain” for us!”

Thanks to the self-developed triple-cylinder two-stage compressor with variable volume ratio, Gree Ultra Heating GMV5 can realize 100% heating capacity under -25℃ and reliable operation under -35℃. This technology was accredited as “first innovated and world leading” in 2016. What’s more,

Gree Ultra Heating GMV5 was awarded the world’s first ultra heating certificate issued by UL in 2017.

According to field test, the air outlet temperature of heat pump VRF unit which has adopted the triple-cylinder and two-stage compressor with variable volume ratio can be up to 45℃ under ambient temperature of -30℃, no need of auxiliary electric heating. Moreover, it’s with rapid heating speed and higher energy efficiency. It can not only greatly improve the heating experience, but also realize tremendous savings in heating cost.  

Vice General Manager of Gree Overseas Sales Company Jun Oyang said, “Gree’s self-developed triple-cylinder two-stage compressor technology can greatly solve the heating problems in extreme cold weather. We hope we can provide energy-saving and high-efficiency air conditioning products as well as new and intelligent heating solutions for North America or even all cold areas in the world”.