New Overseas Franchise Benchmark, Gree Surabaya Flagship Store

On January 16, 2018, Gree opened a flagship store in Surabaya. It is the first flagship store that opened outside the capital, Jakarta, and is so far the biggest Gree flagship store in Indonesia, which is located in the central business district of Surabaya, JI. H. R. Mohammad No.102, Surabaya, with an area of nearly 300m2. The store design and product display are both in accordance with the overseas image standard of Gree, with a total investment of 1.5 million yuan.

More than 200 Gree dealers, guests and media friends from Surabaya attended the opening ceremony to witness this exciting and historical moment, including Consul General Mr. Gu Jingqi and Consul Ms. Wang Chun of Chinese Consulate General in Surabaya, Mr. Lin Wufeng, Satoria Group Director, Mr. Wu Rui, General Manager of Gree Indonesia, Mr. Wen Kan, Vice General Manager, and Mr. Yuan Tao, Director of Marketing.

Gree flagship store in Surabaya has displayed a full range of air conditioning products issued by Gree in Indonesia. As for residential AC, we have displayed the hot-selling Moo series, the energy-saving Coo series, and the R32 new eco-friendly C3 series, which can work under the lowest power input of 290W, making it the most energy-saving air conditioner among the same type products in the Indonesian market. As for commercial AC, we have GMV5, U-Match, heat pump water heaters, and in particular, the commercial photovoltaic air conditioner, just to name a few. In addition, the flagship store also has displayed special air conditioning products such as elevator air conditioner and marine air conditioner, which further embodies the professional strength of Gree.

Mr. Wen Kan, Vice General Manager of Gree Indonesia, introduced the commercial products and Gree awards at home and abroad to Consul General Mr. Gu Jingqi.

According to General Manager Mr. Wu Rui, even though there were only two and a half years for Gree to penetrate the Indonesian market, it has achieved rapid development. At present, the sales volume of residential air conditioner has exceeded 100 thousand sets, making Gree the No. 1 Chinese brand in the Indonesian market. In 2018, Gree Indonesia will take the development of commercial products as a new growth strategy to further expand the sales amount.

Jakarta is the first breakthrough of Gree in Indonesia with the new technology and superior quality; it has won the recognition of many dealers and consumers, and has opened lots of stores. Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia, with a strong economic base and strong demands of high standard air conditioners. Therefore, it has become the potential market for Gree to focus on. The opening of Surabaya flagship store is an important step in channel exploration and brand building for Gree Indonesia in Surabaya.

Consul General Gu Jingqi expressed his congratulation on the opening, and congratulated Gree on its sales in Indonesia, hoping that Gree will continue to bring the advanced Chinese products to Indonesia and share the benefits of China's development with Indonesians.

The chain store mode was created by Gree and has achieved great success in the Chinese market. With the rapid rise of Gree brand in the overseas market, Gree chain stores and flagship stores are springing up like mushrooms in Asia and Australia, and many Gree franchised stores have been built in Vietnam and Laos. The late starter Gree Indonesia is also actively developing the chain store channel, strengthening the foundation of “Made in China, Loved by the World”.