Global First UL Certificate of Solar VRF Awarded to Gree

On Feb 10th, 2017, Gree North America Solar VRF Products Launching Ceremony and Global First UL Certificate of Solar VRF Awarding Ceremony were held in La Concha hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico, representatives from UL, Gree HQ, local Gree agent, design consultants, contractors as well as installers, totally about 100 plus persons attended this activity, witnessing the first launching ceremony of Gree Solar VRF products in America.  

Gree is committed to mastering core technologies, with its vision of “for the clearer sky and greener earth”. The focus for this ceremony is the global original Gree Photovoltaic All DC Inverter VRF (SOLAR GMV registered by GREE). Equipped with solar panels and adopted the innovative direct-driven mixed power supply mode, this unit complies with the concept of energy-saving and environment protection perfectly. And it has got the global first UL certificate for Solar VRF.

UL(UNDERWRITER LABORATORIES)is the most famous product certification and standard establishment organization in North America, which has strict requirements for product safety and reliability. Mr. Brian Ferriol, UL Business Development Director, awarded the global first UL certificate of Solar VRF to Gree in the ceremony. He stated that UL is committed to establishing related standards and regulations to allow the users to use safe and reliable products. So product quality is the main concern, which coincidently has the same view with Gree. He believed that UL and Gree will have further cooperation in the future.

Mr. Jerry Vega Rivera, Sales Director of Gree Agent in Puerto Rico, made a speech in the ceremony and stated, as a well-known tourist attraction with beautiful environment and pleasant climate, Puerto Rico attracted a great amount of tourists from all over the world. At present, the major power generation mode in the island is using fuel, which costs high and causes environmental pollution. While the SOLAR GMV, with high-efficient, energy-saving and eco-friendly features, can save up to 90% of power and will not pollute the environment. Mr. Jerry Vega Rivera believed that it will definitely be a super-star product in 2017. Currently, this product has been successively installed in shops, gas stations, schools and hotels all over North America. The first launch of SOLAR GMV has attracted keen interests of many consultants, contractors and installers, and potential growth is huge.

The earliest solar product was born in American Bell Laboratory. Through long-term evolution and development, US has developed an entire set of laws and regulations to support the development of photovoltaic industry. For example, 42 states in US have passed the NET METERRING RULES, which allows the photovoltaic system to enter into public power grid and power billing is available; 37 states have conducted initial investment allowance and electricity allowance for photovoltaic system; the IRS implements “Cash Return Act” to encourage enterprises and individuals to adopt photovoltaic power generation. In recent years, the photovoltaic market in US maintains a strong increasing trend, with the fastest increasing rate in the world. Gree self-developed solar GMV has highly matched the demand and features in American photovoltaic market, which shows a promising market prospect.

Gree VRF has entered into American market for more than 2 years but with rapid development. Previously, Gree North America GMV training center was grandly held in New York. Covering an area of 10,000 square feet and located at Flushing in New York, the training center has become the biggest demonstration and training center for Gree commercial products in North America. As the launch of Solar VRF and the establishment of New York VRF training center, it implements the company’s requirement of developing superior quality products and providing excellent services. Along with the promotion of several Gree super-star products,  including Solar VRF and Ultra heat VRF which provides 100% heating capacity at -4F and 80% heating capacity at -22F, Gree’s professional central air conditioning image will be greatly enhanced and the sales of VRF products in North American market shall be increased greatly.