New CAC Showroom and Training Center Open in Houston

On Nov. 18 local time, Gree commercial air conditioning showroom and training center in the US opened in the downtown of Houston and a ribbon cutting ceremony was held grandly. This is the third commercial air conditioning showroom and training center since the other two opened in New York and Chicago. In the coming months, Gree will also establish showrooms and training centers in Los Angeles and Phoenix City for further expanding CAC market and forming complete CAC network for show, training and sales all across America. Gree American VRF distributor Andrew Lo, Gree Houston VRF distributor Lee Phan attended the ceremony. During the ceremony, Mr Jun Ouyang , Vice General Manager of Gree Overseas Sales Company, stated that “Gree will further establish CAC showrooms and training centers in North America. By relying on the leading technologies for solar VRF, heat pump water heater and other products, as well as local professional service team, Gree will certainly develop rapidly and become the leading brand for CAC in North America.”



Until now, Gree has established commercial air conditioning showrooms and training centers in New York, Chicago and Houston, covering sales, training and technical support services in most American developed areas except the west coast regions. Houston, as the fourth biggest city in America, is the biggest economic center along the Mexico GULF Coast. Gree has established its exhibition center of 6000ft2 and storage center of 10,000ft2 there for providing convenient and excellent services for local customers.

Gree central air conditioners received the “world-only” UL certificate for twice  

Since the time that we started to develop North American market, Gree central air conditioner has received the world-only UL certificate for twice thanks to the industrial leading core technologies.


UL, founded in 1894, is one of the authority labs and standard organizers in the world. All the products sold to North America must comply with UL standard.

Early in 2017, UL issued the world’s first Solar GMV certificate to Gree in Puerto Rico. In October, 2017, UL Vice Global President David Kuehn attended the opening ceremony of Gree commercial air conditioning training center in Chicago and issued to Gree the world-only UL verify mark certificate for the reliable performance under super low ambient temperature. The certificate shows that the performance of Gree ultra-low temperature heat pump product is verified by UL labs. The air conditioner can achieve 100% rated heating capacity at -4℉(-20℃)and it can still achieve 80% of rated heating capacity at -22℉(-30℃). Even at -31℉(-35℃), the air conditioner can still run stably.


This is the only ultra-low temperature heat pump product in the world that has received the UL verify mark certificate, which has shown UL’s recognition for Gree’s leading technologies and products.


Expand North American market with core technologies


Gree always insists on mastering core technologies and has independently developed plenty of superior products. When the Solar GMV was awarded the world-only UL certificate, for pursuing more outstanding products and solving the problem of strict installation requirement in North America, Gree independently developed and designed the 2nd generation product —— Integrated Solar GMV. This new product has creatively integrated outer case, converter and combiner box together, which can not only improve energy efficiency, but also improve installation efficiency and save installation cost. The 2nd generation Solar GMV still has 5 operation modes: pure PV power mode, pure air conditioning mode, mixed power supply mode, pure power generation mode, and power generation + air conditioning mode. Meanwhile, you can also select power generation for private use or supply the power to national grid, to satisfy the requirements of projects.


What’s more, in view of abundant solar energy resources in the southern part of America, Gree has researched and developed Multi-modular Solar GMV for satisfying the requirements of energy saving and high-efficiency cooling; in view of cold weather in the middle and the northern part, Gree also launched the world-leading Ultra Heat series VRF unit, which has effectively solved the problems of high power consumption and high pollution caused by boilers.


America is the top market for global consumer goods, and the market competition is very fierce. By relying on long-term research achievements of independent innovation, Gree rapidly popularized VRF units in America. At the same time, Gree provides excellent technical support and after-sales service through training centers. In this way, Gree is now gradually changing American users’ impressions on Chinese products from “Made in China” to “Created in China”.


By providing high-quality products and excellent services, Gree will provide consumers with a much more beautiful and healthier way of life. “Made in China, Loved by the world” is not just a slogan.