New Start, New Challenge Thailand Gree Product Seminar for 2018

Gree Product Launch Conference and Seminar with focus on VRF & Chiller and a series of commercial products were held successfully in Bangkok, Thailand on November 3rd, 2017. Over 150 dealers, project clients and project owners gathered together to learn the latest Gree commercial AC core technologies at this conference. Meanwhile, they also discussed the bright future of Gree commercial AC development in Thailand market.


Gree overseas sales company vice sales GM, Mr. Kenny Geng, attended this launch event and made the opening speech. In his speech, attendees got the chance to know Gree achievements in RY2017. Mr. Kenny also commented on Gree current Thailand market development and brought up his future expectation and requirement. Furthermore, he mentioned that Gree had always valued highly on the global commercial AC market development strategy and layout, especially Southeast Asia territory being the key point of “The Belt and Road Initiative”, which would be the top priority of Gree's overseas roadmap development. Gree will fully support the commercial product market development in Thailand and believe rapid growth will come soon under the joint efforts of dealers and clients.

At this press conference, Gree GMV5, U-MATCH and series of core technology products were presented to all attendees. Moreover, magnetic centrifugal chiller, photovoltaic multi VRF unit and centrifugal chiller, PV future house and other core technologies were also introduced to all parties. It was in this conference that the dealers and clients came to understand more about Gree new products and recognized Gree dominant power of grasping core technologies in the whole AC industry. This seminar strengthened their confidence greatly and helped to promote Gree commercial AC development in Thailand market without any doubt.

Thailand Chinese World Daily came to report and interview in this press conference. They paid the most attention to Gree‘s core technologies and key products and also conducted a specific interview on Gree’s fast-growing achievements in Thailand and across the globe. Gree Thailand sales company GM Mr. Chainiwat put forward that it was a good and smart move to strengthen the confidence of dealers and clients by organizing excellent dealers to visit Gree headquarters in recent years. In a word, commercial AC development will be the top priority for Gree Thailand market, and it will play a key role on Gree brand image and brand influence.


Gree Vietnam sales company GM Mr. Yang Wenbin and Gree Laos sales company GM Mr. Yang Yongfeng were invited to participate in this conference. They shared their experiences of the commercial AC market development in this exchange of learning. During the communication, Mr. Yang Wenbin came up with the idea of relying on large scale model project and reasonable advertisement market to boost the commercial AC development and enhance Gree brand awareness. This did provide a new insight and direction on the commercial AC market development.

Gree has came onto Thailand market for many years. Household and commercial business have achieved huge progress under the continuous plough and efforts. With this successful product launch conference and dealers and project clients getting more Gree core technologies and products information, we firmly believe that Gree brand loyalty awareness would be tremendously blossomed and this should be a milestone for Gree overall development in Thailand market.

As a global leader in the air conditioning industry, Gree always adheres to the craftsman’s spirit and independent innovation of core technologies, which enables Gree to walk in the forefront of the industry and provide high-quality products for all customers. We truly believe that in the near future, Thai people will fall in love with the made-in-China products as well as Gree brand products.