Gree Indonesia 2018 New Product Launch Successfully Held

On November 24, 2017, Gree Indonesia New Product Launch Ceremony was held grandly in Sun City Hotel of Jakarta, Indonesia. More than 300 distributors attended this great event.

This was the second wave of intensive brand promotion of Gree Indonesia after it had organized core distributors to visit Zhuhai from November 19 to 23, and toured successively to Thailand, Hong Kong and Macao, arousing overwhelming responses in the Indonesian air conditioning industry.

Vice President of Gree Indonesia, Mr. Wu Rui, delivered an opening speech for the launch event. He gave a warm welcome to the guests and emphasized that the development and growth of Gree Indonesia was inseparable from the strong support of every distributor. Centering the theme of “Dream”, he told the audience an emotional story of Gree Indonesia, from its founding to its development, how it had kept forging ahead despite all the difficulties, striving hard, and that he would never forget why he had started. The audience were deeply moved and highly motivated.

Following were the stars of this launch event, including the 290w BORA series wall-mounted air conditioner with low power consumption, R32 eco-friendly T series floor-standing air conditioner, and FAIRY series inverter wall-mounted air conditioner that takes a brand new appearance. They drew a great deal of attention from the guests and received widespread praise.

Mastering Core Technologies

Gree Launched Three New Products

A training instructor from Gree Indonesia, Wu Xifeng, introduced the three new residential air conditioners in this launch event. First in the spotlight was the energy-saving air conditioner, BORA, whose unique golden frame has brightened the white front panel. With simple appearance, it is embodied with powerful functions. BORA has the lowest power input in the industry, which is 290W, more efficient than 05LOMO series with 310W power input. This unit also adopts the efficient and eco-friendly refrigerant R32, which has 0 ozone depletion potential (ODP), no harm to ozone layer, much less global warming potential (GWP) and will effectively help reduce the greenhouse effect.

Then T series floor-standing air conditioner and FAIRY inverter wall-mounted air conditioner were introduced. The newly-upgraded T series floor-standing unit adopts integrated design with no waistline. Its light grey frame makes the appearance look more elegant and fashionable. Its air guide louver works with the interior swing blades, which can precisely control the air swing angle. Its concealed display is combined with touch technology, giving the air conditioner a simple but modern style.

Preparing to hit the market, FAIRY inverter air conditioner attracted even more attention. There are two color options for its appearance, which are white and champagne. Adopted with Gree inverter technology, the air conditioner can run at low frequency without stop, preventing energy loss due to repeated on and off of compressor. It can offer users with a steady and comfortable temperature under higher energy efficiency.

High-end Technology Leads the World

High-end Technology

Apart from releasing three residential air conditioners, Gree Indonesia also introduced its brand strategy and high-end technology of commercial air conditioners to the guests.

To begin with, Wen Kan, Vice President of Gree Indonesia delivered a speech with the theme of “Gree Indonesia’s Road: From Zero to Hero”, reviewing the glorious achievements of Gree Indonesia in brand promotion, channel extension, commercial engineering projects, etc. since its establishment in 2015 and illustrated the conditions of brand and market strategy of Gree Indonesia, as well as the commercial engineering team building.

Then Huang Meng, Institute Director of the Research Institute of New Energy and Environmental Technologies from Zhuhai HQ introduced G-HIEMS, a photovoltaic system, to the guests in detail. Centering on Gree photovoltaic air conditioner, G-HIEMS enables the clean energies such as photovoltaic power, wind power, stored energy and so on to complement efficiently and realize self-sufficiency of system energy. With clean power generation, safe power storage, reliable power conversion, efficient power consumption rate, real-time energy control, integrated information management, lightweight and mobile interaction etc., G-HIEMS is a complete set of new energy ecosystem, providing a solution for integrated supply which is based on the application of new energy among cooling, heating and electricity, for a clean, safe, reliable, comfortable and efficient living and working environment.

At the end of the banquet, Yuan Tao, Sales Director of Gree Indonesia shared the experience with the guests in regard to the market strategy planning in RY2017-2018 and hosted the awarding ceremony. The distributors were full of confidence in Gree Indonesia, and they believed that, based on high-end technology, Gree will spare no effort to lead “Chinese-made” products. Made in China, Loved by the Indonesian consumers!