Gree Taiwan Distributors’ Trip to Yingtan Exclusive Shop

After 4 years of exploitation and development, Gree has gradually entered the right track in Taiwan market. After gaining double increase in 2017, Gree Taiwan is now further accelerating its development pace. To reward and encourage Gree Taiwan distributors, a delegation of distributors has been organized to visit and learn in mainland China for the third time following the visit to Wuhan and Zhengzhou production bases (except Zhuhai HQ) in the previous 2 years. This time, the place of learning is set in Gree Jiangxi. Why would Gree Taiwan spend such great effort on organizing these activities? Because it will help distributors “build up confidence and go forward in actions”.    

On Nov 27, 2017, Gree Taiwan led a delegation of over 130 distributors to visit and study the exclusive shop of Yingtan, Jiangxi province. In order to guarantee the study effect, leaders of Gree Taiwan with 7 core distributors went to visit Yingtan exclusive shop in advance, learning from their advanced business concept, sales mode and complete after-sales system.

They held pleasant talks with one another, exchanging ideas and insights. Everyone benefited a lot from the visit. With so many things to be shared, they were not willing to leave until late at 22:00. At the end of the visit, they had a group photo in front of the exclusive shop to cherish this valuable memory.

On the morning of Nov 28, the delegation arrived at the exclusive shop to begin their in-depth visit.

According to Xie, leader of the exclusive shop, the annual turnover of this exclusive shop had reached 30 million RMB. But there were only 50 staff, including sales personnel and the staff for product delivery, installation, after-sales service and logistics, which surprised our distributors. After visiting the exclusive shop and hearing from the speech of the responsible person, our distributors have become more confident and would like to learn from such a remarkable model: work hard together and create a better future for Gree.

Finally, let’s call this out with our extraordinary Gree Taiwan distributors: Gree to be Loved by Taiwan, Made in China, Loved by the World!