Gree Donates to Taiwan's Education

On November 21, witnessed by Mr. Liao Quanping, Chairman of Taipei Electrical Commercial Association, Mr. Liu Jun, Vice President of Gree Electric, handed over a set of Gree Multi VRF Units worth 500,000 Taiwan dollars to Mr. Lin Zhenxiong, Director of Taipei Municipal Nei-Hu Vocational High School. More than 60 media organizations in Taiwan recorded this generous act of Gree.

As Gree brand continues to develop in Taiwan market, the technology and quality of Gree products have been gradually accepted by local people, and greatly recognized by professionals in the local air conditioning industry. Established in 1983, Taipei Municipal Nei-Hu Vocational High School is the only school in Taiwan that mainly focuses on electronics and related industries. It is also called “the cradle of Taiwan’s air conditioning technicians”. In order to provide students with the opportunity of practical operation of commercial air conditioners, the school planned to procure a set of VRF units that had adopted the most advanced technologies. Depending on their technical experience for years, they selected Gree—GMV. After knowing the school’s needs, Gree, who values education very much and is enthusiastic in promoting public good, decided to make a voluntary donation to the school by giving them the latest developed set of VRF units for students to study and use.


Vice President Liu said to the media that Gree had been attaching great importance to public welfare and actively contributing to the society. Thanks to the great support of Taiwan people, Gree has made remarkable progress these years. Though we are on both sides of the Strait, we are like brothers and sisters. When a school in Taiwan needs help, Gree will not hesitate to offer support. School Director Lin told us that the manufacturing technology of small-sized central air conditioner was the most difficult and Taiwan’s academic schools were generally lack of practical experience in this regard. Gree’s donation has offered an opportunity for teachers and students in Nei-Hu Vocational High School to learn from the world’s top technologies and have their horizons widened.

Chairman Liao expressed his sincere thanks to Gree’s generous act. He also said that this was not just a matter of solution to the school’s education problem but a significant stimulation to the comprehensive quality improvement of local air conditioning technicians. He wished Gree, a company that is so warmhearted in public welfare, a bright future and successive achievements in Taiwan market. Local media present there gave a universal praise for Gree’s generous donation as well.