New Gree Showroom and Training Center Open in Chicago

Gree VRF products have been recognized by the US market within two years, and obtained the world-only UL certificate twice.

On Oct. 7th local time, Gree’s second showroom and training center in the US opened in the downtown of Chicago and a ribbon cutting ceremony was held grandly. Gree Vice General Manager Mr. Jun Ouyang, Andrew Lo from Gree VRF distributor of US, George Gao from Gree VRF distributor in Chicago, UL Global Vice President David Kuehn, Mr. Yuanpeng Dan from Consulate of China in Chicago District Chief Officer Daniel Solis from Chicago District 25,  Rusty Walker from Chicago consultant company representative Holabird & Root, Deputy President of Chinese American Association in Great Chicago Kin Hong Chiu, Xin He from Wanda Group and local contractors, retailers, sub-contractors, installers attended the event. CCTV, World Journal, Chicago Tribune, Chinese of Chicago and other media were present and reported this big event.



>>>>Thumb up again for Gree overseas business expansion

This center contains a show room, training center and ware house, with the total land area of 14,000 square feet. It’s located in the downtown of Chicago, the second largest city in the US. The center is only two and half miles from Millennium Park, the landmark of Chicago. “We take the US as our most important market. Gree always takes users’ demand and product quality as first priority, and inputs products with leading technology into this important market. We have brought the most advanced Ultra Heat series and Solar GMV series into the US. I hope that all the distributors, consultants, general contractors, sub contractors and installers would give your full confidence in Gree products. By setting up this center, Gree can provide closer support and better services to customers, as well as better training for installers and technicians,” said Mr. Jun Ouyang.

During the ceremony, Chinese consulate Mr. Yuanpeng Dan thumbed up for Gree brand and Gree overseas business expansion. He said “Gree did very good in ‘walking into the world’. It is a good sample for other Chinese brands. ‘Gree’ means ‘innovation’ and ‘high quality’ in people’s mind.”

Moreover, local officer Daniel Solis highly praised Gree brand and Gree products, and he also sent his wishes to Gree.

>>>>Gree products got “world-only” UL certificate again

The biggest highlight in the ceremony is its cutting-edge product - Ultra Heat Series Air Conditioner, whose performance in super-low ambient temperature have been verified.

UL, founded in 1894, is one of the authority labs and standard organizers in the world. All the products sold to US need to comply with UL standard.

Months ago UL Director Brian Ferriol came to Puerto Rico and issued the world’s first Solar GMV certificate to Gree. On this opening ceremony, UL Vice Global President David Kuehn made a speech and issued Gree this world-only UL verify mark certificate for the reliable performance under super low ambient temperature. The certificate shows that the performance of Gree Ultra Heat products is verified by UL labs. The air conditioner can achieve 100% rated heating capacity at -4℉ and it can still achieve 80% of rated heating capacity at -22℉. Even at -31℉, the air conditioner can still run stably.
This is the only ultra heat product in the world that has got the UL verify mark certificate, which also shows UL’s recognition on Gree leading technologies and products
>>>>Two years into US market and widely recognized
Though Gree VRF products have entered US market for only two years, the market share of Gree VRF has been increased from 0 to 5% thanks to its professional team, world leading products and leading technology.


 In the past two years, Gree NA distributors and Gree NA sales team worked hard together and have got good achievement. We believe that Gree brand and made-in-China products will be loved by the US in the near future.