Grand Opening of GMV North America Training Center

On Nov. 18th, 2016 (U.S. time), GMV North America training center opens grandly in New York. Vice President Tan Jianming of Gree Electric, Vice General Manager Jun Oyang of Gree Overseas Sales Company, Mr. Andrew Lo, Mr. Lee Boy from GMV North America distributor, and consultants, dealers, contractors and installers from VRF field in New York attend the opening ceremony. Some famous local media such as E-son Media, World Journal, Sing Tao Daily, report this great event, witnessing the establishment of the first GMV training center in North America.

It is known that this training center, located at Flushing zone in New York, covers an area of 10 thousand square feet. In the future, all GMV product trainings in North America will be held at this center. Vice General Manager Jun Oyang of Gree Overseas Sales Company mentions that Gree has launched Ultra Heating GMV5 in America for meeting the heating demands in extremely cold area, whose performance is much better than those of competitors; Gree has developed solar GMV5 with unique direct-driven power supply mode, heat recovery VRF and heat pump VRF for various hotels, apartments and offices, and AHU Kit for free combination with indoor units of various capacity. Good products shall be supported by good services. So the establishment of GMV North America training center will lay a solid foundation for our development in America.

“North America, as the most promising market for VRF, is highly valued by our company,” Vice President Tan Jianming of Gree Electric said, “The Ultra Heating GMV5 we launch this year can provide 80% of heating capacity in -22℉ and 100% of heating capacity in -4℉. Not only heating effect is excellent under ultra-low ambient temperature, but also energy efficiency ratio is exceptional. We will adhere to the development concept of technology leading and continue to develop high performance and innovative products that meet users’ demands. The establishment of GMV North America training center adequately implements our requirements of developing superior products and providing good services. From training to aftersales services, we will try our best to ensure a stable, healthy and rapid development for Gree VRF in North America.”

In RY 2016, along with the gradual acceptance to VRF products in American market and by means of innovative commercial sales management pattern, a large number of VRF projects thus appear: 300Ton solar GMV5 project in Puerto Rico, 300Ton school renovation project in Philadelphia, as well as a high-class apartment project in the downtown of Philadelphia, which is a landmark project involving 720Ton VRF system and high-end software control. Thanks to Gree R&D team for solving the industrial difficulties, the sales team won this symbolic project among its competitors successfully.

Just as the Chinese saying goes, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Model selection, design and technical training on after-sales installation and debugging are quite important to the sales of commercial air conditioners. Therefore, helping Gree North America distributor to build their own technical team is one of the purposes to establish the training center.

The establishment of GMV North America training center provides powerful supports for pre-sales, after-sales and technical training of GMV in North America, meanwhile, the professional image of Gree central air con is greatly enhanced, which will advance the overall promotion and sales of VRF products in North American market.