Gree Overseas Technical Seminar 2016

Along with the development of Gree overseas business, Gree Overseas Technical Seminar 2016 organized by Gree Export Department and Training Department was held from October 24 to 27 for satisfying overseas customers’ demand for export products, improving Gree brand image and strengthening the support for export. Ninety-three Gree agent and dealers from Australia, New Zealand, America, Malaysia, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, Hungary, Laos, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal, Ethiopia, India, Morocco, Argentina and other countries and regions attended this seminar. Training contents include installation, debugging and maintenance for GMV5, Super Free Match, Water-cooled/Air-cooled Screw Chiller, and VRF case analysis as well. Moreover, participants were also organized to visit showroom, No. 4 AC Manufacturing Factory, GMV5 and screw chiller projects.

Main embodiment of this training: 1. Consummated a series of overseas training courses, and further enriched the courses storage. Meanwhile, 2017 training demand investigation was carried out. Connection and operation of AHU kits, and training content of new model selection software were included in the GMV5 course. Model selection logic calculation and design training for screw chiller; new model selection software training courses. 2. This is the fourth session of Gree Overseas Training Seminar, which enriched Gree overseas training content. What’s more, it provided technical support for overseas dealers, allowing them to feel Gree’s care and help for them. Dealers’ confidence on Gree can be improved greatly after this training.