Dong Mingzhu Leads Gree's Road to Innovation

On June 8, “Research and Application of D-CTFP Quality Innovation Drive Theory” proposed and created by Dong Mingzhu, Chairperson of Gree Electric Appliances was announced in the “Global Industry Innovation Conference 2016” hosted by Korean Standard Association (KSA for short) in Seoul, Korea.

What’s more, Dong Mingzhu was awarded the Special Enterprise Award of Global Industry Innovation Conference 2016 issued by Korean Standard Association for her innovation achievement in the field of Comprehensive Quality Control. 

“D-CTFP Quality Innovation Drive Theory” helps Gree's quality control

It’s learned that Gree has established and implemented “Gree‘s Comprehensive Quality Control Mode – T9 Management System” by considering the general quality status of Chinese manufacturing industry, the quality management theories from home and abroad and its own practice based on its innovation culture “Independent Innovation, Self-surpassing”. The core of this management system is exactly the D-CTFP quality innovation drive circle proposed by Dong Mingzhu: customer requirement drive (C) →test technology inspiration (T) →failure mechanism research (F) →Process system optimization (P). 

D-CTFP has gained high recognition and praise from all present experts and entrepreneurs when it was released. The advantage of D-CTFP is that it can select the most effective quality tools and method, and provide an effective approach and mode for quality technology innovation. Under the application of D-CTFP, Gree’s capability of independent innovation, quality of products and service, technical innovation ability, brand competitiveness as well as business performance have been improved gradually. In 2014, Gree’s comprehensive quality control mode T9 was awarded the First Prize of Quality Technology issued by China Quality Association. Gree is the first enterprise in home appliances industry that won this prize. 

“Along with the implementation of Gree intelligent manufacture and industry transformation and upgrading plan, Gree will further optimize the coordination and standardability of “T9 Management System” to form an appropriate quality management mode for intelligent manufacture and “Internet +”, so as to better realize supply renovation”, Dong Mingzhu stated.

Innovative enterprises shall actively bear social responsibilities

“I saw a kimchi refrigerator in Korea yesterday, which impressed me a lot. Actually, it created a demand and brought vigor to an enterprise.” Dong Mingzhu said at the keynote speech in the Global Industry Innovation Conference 2016.

At the beginning of her speech, Dong Mingzhu stressed that an enterprise with innovation spirit must be the enterprise that is willing to bear social responsibilities actively. As an enterprise which has topped the tax payment in Chinese home appliances industry for 14 consecutive years, Gree will spare no effort for innovation and social responsibilities.

“Gree’s actual breakthrough in core technology field begins from 2005. Until now, more than 20 patents come out from Gree lab every day. In this process, Gree clearly recognizes that the value of an enterprise is its contribution to the society. Competition makes the progress of an enterprise; competition pushes the development of society; competition leads to a better life for consumers,” said Dong Mingzhu.

In fact, the development history of Gree is said to be a history of innovation. Dedicated in technological R&D, Gree has achieved 13 world-leading technologies and received the highest national honor in the field of science and technology for three times within four years. Gree’s inverter technology, two-stage compression technology, photovoltaic air conditioner, ice storage system and other technologies and products have broken industry records repeatedly and are appreciated by the world.

Taking social responsibility represents an enterprise’s serious attitude to the market and consumers. Dong Mingzhu believes that a company shall not only be good at adapting itself to the times and meeting market demands, but also creating market demands and exploring consumer demands that are not known by consumer themselves. 

Talent is the key to innovative enterprises

“The biggest feature of an innovative enterprise is that it always challenges itself. The reason that an innovative enterprise becomes an innovative enterprise is not because it has developed products, but because it has a powerful talent team and a company culture that doesn’t fear challenges and difficulties,” Dong Mingzhu stressed the importance of talent in her speech.

Gree has long been regarded as the Whampoa Military Academy in the industry. Gree recruits a large number of university graduates every year, provides related trainings about technology and culture and arranges their posts according to their personalities and individual advantages. “In order to improve the creativity of each talent, it is essential for Gree to build a platform, so that the staff who have innovative ideas and are willing to take challenges, can take full advantage of this platform.”

“We have ever troubled by employee poaching by competitors, but we finally realize that as long as we have strong innovation ability by developing new technologies and new products continuously, they cannot overtake you as they only get your past.” Dong Mingzhu considers that the development of manufacturing industry cannot be separated from talent and talent is the source for the development of an enterprise. Only loyal and excellent staff can ensure development, technology innovation and marketing innovation of the enterprise.

“An enterprise cannot rely on the changes brought by surroundings, but should have the courage to change the world.”

——Dong Mingzhu

Gree's Road to Innovation