Gree Certified by AHRI Again

On April 4th, representatives from Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) and General Machinery Product Institute (GMPI) visited Gree HQ. AHRI has issued AHRI certificate to Gree Photovoltaic Centrifugal Chiller and Low-temperature Heating VRF. It indicates that the performance of Gree products is highly recognized by AHRI, and Gree products get the “passport” for North American market.

AHRI is one of the most authorized certificate organization in the world. AHRI certificate is a kind of product energy efficiency certification system for HVAC&R industry in North America. Moreover, AHRI represents the “threshold” and “benchmark” for air conditioners entering into North American Market. Now, AHRI has more than 40 certification projects, such as combined air-conditioning unit, ventilation unit, air-cooled chiller and so on.  

After visiting Gree HQ, Stephen Yurek, President and CEO of AHRI, was greatly surprised by Gree’s progress in technology. Meanwhile, he wished that AHRI and Gree could have more and deeper cooperation in terms of product quality

In order to ensure the quality of AHRI certified products, AHRI will arrange casual inspection for all listed products strictly every year. The casual inspection is conducted by a local American authorized third party inspection laboratory, Edison Testing Lab, which is the only recognized inspection laboratory by AHRI. With its high quality products, Gree has passed the casual inspection for years.

Gree applied to join AHRI in 2009. At present, Water-Cooled Chiller, Air-Cooled Screw Chiller, Air-Cooled Modular Unit, Split Unit, Free-Match, North American VRF, PTAC and other projects are all AHRI certified.