Gree Overseas After-sales Training — Thailand Station

On March 22, 2016, Gree overseas after-sales training for Thailand is opened grandly.

This training lasted for 3 days. It combined theoretical knowledge and practical operation for solving after-sales problems, providing a fantastic training for Gree agents. The training is mainly for GMV5,Home GMV5,PV chiller and other commercial air conditioners. Sales group of Gree agents, after-sales service group and the second-level dealers attended this training.

This training is committed to making every attendees master technical advantages of Gree commercial air conditioners and solving after-sales problems for local customers. During this period, we found that many attendees are highly interested in Gree PV products and they put forward lots of key questions. We will provide related promotional materials to them for market promotion.

Oversea after-sales training is still in process. All members from Gree Overseas Sales Company will make great efforts for “Made in China, Loved by the World”.