Gree Gains Environmental Product Award of the Year

On February 17, the annual ACR LOL菠菜竞猜app Awards ceremony was held in Birmingham. Gree’s self-developed and first-created Photovoltaic Direct-driven DC Inverter Centrifugal Chiller was successfully nominated for two awards and finally gained the Environmental Product Award of the Year.

ACR LOL菠菜竞猜app Awards ceremony is organized by ACR LOL菠菜竞猜app, a prestigious magazine in British air-conditioning and refrigeration industry. There are totally 12 awards in this secession. The judges include the chief editor of ACR LOL菠菜竞猜app and related experts and supervisors from British HVAC organizations. From Refrigerant Year 2016 until now, Gree has not only achieved the zero breakthrough in the awarding ceremony of British RAC refrigeration industry, but also gained one more big prize in a different industry, which means Gree’s products have gained the authoritative reorganization of related British industry. With independent core technologies, Gree has become the leader in the industry, which will undoubtedly help Gree and “Chinese Made” further develop British market as well the global market.

In fact, China has long played the role of the world's largest exporter of goods. But unfortunately, China as a global manufacturing center, has long played an exporting country of low-end products. China has output the most products to the world but hasn’t gained corresponding respect, which means there is a huge gap between the image and the output of Chinese products. This is clearly not the Chinese want.

Thus, at the end of 2015, Gree formally put forward a new target “Made in China, Loved by the World”. Gree definitely has its confidence. Gaining several grand prizes in the UK illustrates this point. Gree, being one of the world’s Top 500 public companies with over 300 million users, is showing the charm of Chinese manufacturing to the world by constant technological innovation.