Future is Here, Global Launch of Gree G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System


Every household appliance can have the optimal on/off time based on its energy curve; power consumption of a building can be controlled at any time according to demands and real-time electricity price; overall energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of a city can be arranged at the demand side based on weather and event changes to realize optimization; all sorts of new energy power generation equipment installed in the vast desert or sea can be put up for auction or free trade by people all over the world through programs; every product, every activity and every person will have a status bar of carbon emission on top and do business with surroundings; with a light touch on a tablet computer, people can sell the residual photovoltaic power generated on his/her rooftop to someone nearby who is going to charge an electric automobile…


This is not some fantasy in a science fiction; it is something that will probably come true soon in the future.



On Sep. 1, Gree initiated a global launch of Gree G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System at IFA 2017 in Berlin, Germany. This is a complete ecosystem that integrates efficient power generation, safe power storage, reliable power transformation, efficient power consumption, real-time energy control, energy information centralized management and lightweight interaction, which will effectively promote the global energy industry on the progress of clean and intelligent development, and create a new networking energy world.



In this launch event, Prof. Leo Lorenz, who is an academician from the German Academy of Sciences and member of the Committee of the Nobel Laureates Preliminary Selection, said that “the successful development o Gree G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System is of great significance to the world’s energy conservation and emission reduction, and will promote energy conservation and emission reduction to a new stage.”


Energy revolution brought by a complete ecosystem


Today, the world is being changed deeply by the Internet. Depending on this invisible but all-pervasive “net”, data has received efficient management, application, collection and distribution, which is changing people’s lives dramatically. The convenience and high efficiency that people couldn’t imagine decades ago has become real with the Internet development.



If we call the Internet a global information revolution, then the energy internet is definitely another revolution in the energy world. Energy that has pushed forward modern civilization will be flowing in the energy internet, as data is to the Internet. Based on a highly intelligent center, energy will receive efficient management, transformation and application. This is not a futuristic vision in a science-fiction movie. It has become real.


Gree G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System that is developed by Gree is not only a "net" with power distribution function, but also a complete ecosystem that has integrated efficient power generation, safe power storage, reliable power transformation, efficient power consumption, real-time energy control, energy information centralized management and lightweight interaction. Through integrated management of photovoltaic power generation, power storage system, power grid, electrical appliances and other terminals, the system can realize complete photovoltaic power utilization and power dispatching,and provide users with a clean, safe, reliable, comfortable and efficient system energy solution.


With the launch of Gree G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System, a picture of "Future City" has been presented to you. In the photovoltaic city built on the foundation of G-IEMS Energy Internet System, each family will be capable of photovoltaic power generation, household power storage and grid connection, self-sufficient in energy, and able to do trading of residual power. Photovoltaic power supply, power storage, current transforming, photovoltaic (storage) air conditioner and DC home appliances will all be available. In the future, power grid is more like a channel of energy transmission while every user can be an energy producer, so there will be less need for central power generation.



Independent innovation builds up a new energy world


Over the past hundred years, the utilization of fossil energy has stimulated the rapid development of human society and led to the industrial civilization; however, it has also brought environmental pollution, climate change, haze, energy depletion and other issues. Therefore, many countries are already taking positive actions for alternative solutions of clean energy.



In the launch, Professor Leo Lorenz said that as early as the end of the 20th century, Germany had begun to establish a renewable energy policy system, formulated the Law of Power Feed-in, promulgated the Law of Renewable Energy, and carried out the E-Energy Smart Grid Plan. Besides, photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, energy storage, energy trading and other distributed energy is developing prosperously in Germany. Now the power generation ratio of clean energy is up to 30%.


China is also actively promoting the "energy revolution" that works towards clean energy substitution and electricity substitution. For example, it has implemented the project of switching from coal heating to electric heating, which aims to solve the problem of coal burning pollution and promote clean energy heating in winter for people living in the north. It has greatly accelerated the development of distributed energy, liberalized the regulations on power consumption, opened up power trading business and competitive electricity price. Furthermore, it has pushed forward the utilization of direct current by proceeding with multiple projects such as the project of ultra-high voltage direct current transmission.


As a China manufacturing enterprise, Gree is positively practicing national energy strategy and exploring in the field of energy. In 2013, Gree developed the world's first photovoltaic air conditioner that costs zero electricity fees. Then, photovoltaic centrifugal chiller and photovoltaic multi VRF unit were successively developed and gradually applied in residential, commercial and industrial occasions. Following these achievements, Gree further upgraded the overall solutions for energy supply and consumption. For the clearer sky and greener earth, Gree focuses on clean energy supply, research and development of efficient equipment, intelligent energy distribution and management, and the construction of a new networking energy world. On the basis of new energy free connection and information interconnection, Gree successfully developed Gree G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System.

New energy changes the future

Gree G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System inherits the world-leading technologies in photovoltaic air conditioning system, including photovoltaic direct drive technology, ternary commutation technology, power generation and consumption integrated management technology, etc. It can realize energy free exchange of power generation, power consumption, power storage, grid connection and multiple units, which is upgraded from ternary current commutation in a single power generation and consumption network, covering a wide area from devices to households, buildings, communities and parks.,achieve efficient energy conversion, reliable operation under complicated working conditions, free exchange and trading of energy, information transparency, and safe control and supervision. It has applied for 392 patents, including 83 core invention patents.

At present, Gree G-IEMS Local Energy Internet System is able to provide complete system solutions of power generation, power storage, power consumption, and power management for households, factories, communities and parks.



Household application of the Energy Internet System, which is called G-HIEMS, is built on the foundation of photovoltaic air conditioners with ternary commutation technology and photovoltaic DC drive technology. It has open DC bus bar, DC carrier and communication control technology to realize the application of pure DC home appliances,for the transparent, safe and efficient utilization of energy. Because of self-sufficiency and nearby consumption of distributed energy, power consumption of public grid is lowered.


During the combination of energy and home appliances, Gree further developed the photovoltaic air conditioners and energy storage products into series, and has developed DC refrigerators, DC electric fans, DC humidifiers, DC rice cookers, DC water purifiers, DC air purifiers and other home appliances.



Factory application of the Energy Internet System, which is called G-FIEMS, combines power level energy collection, real-time production data acquisition, , data mining analysis technology in large-scale photovoltaic air conditioners and industrial power storage. It has realized comprehensive management, safety management, reduction of unit power consumption and mobile duty for factories through energy information management, production data management, and environment visual management. By connecting with the power grid, the system can respond to power grid dispatching in real time, store power, release power, realize peak load shifting, relieving the pressure on the country's electricity supply in peak time.


The future of an energy world has come. Gree will cooperate with more partners to promote the worldwide energy sharing, interconnection, and to build a new energy networking world for households, factories, communities, parks and even for cities.