Gree Creates Healthy Life with “World Leading” Technology

On August 16th, Zhuhai city, the Chinese Association of Refrigeration organized an appraisal meeting for the scientific and technological achievement made by Gree’s “Research and Application of Distributed Air Supply Technology in Heat Pump Air Conditioners”. He Yaling, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, with 8 experts from the industry, unanimously agreed that this is a technology initiative first developed in the world and of world-leading level. This is also the 16th “World Leading” accreditation that awarded by Gree Electric.

During the heating course of traditional air conditioner, the hot air is likely to float upward that the temperature in upper part of room is higher than the temperature in lower part of room with about 10℃ temperature difference, which may impact the amenity of user and waste lots of heat.

Gree R&D team has successfully developed the “Distributed Air Supply Technology” for the purpose of efficient air distribution in “Horizontal Heating”, significant reduction of vertical temperature difference, more comfortable user experience and less power consumption.

With distributed air supply technology, the air conditioner can also achieve “Waterfall Cooling Mode” in the summer, that is, the upper air outlet guides the airflow to the upper part of the room, then the cold air will float down and disperse naturally, through which the user may have a better and healthier cooling experience.    

This project achievement has applied for 39 national invention patents and 8 international patents.