Dong Mingzhu Attends China-Israel Investment Summit

On June 27~28, the 3rd China-Israel Investment Summit was held in Zhuhai International Exhibition Center. This is a grand meeting between China and Israel on the theme of technological innovation. Participants in this summit include Zhuhai City Mayor Li Zezhong, who is also Deputy Secretary of Zhuhai Municipal Committee of the CPC, Ambassador of Israel to China He Zewei and Gree Electric President and Chairperson Dong Mingzhu.

During the summit, Dong Mingzhu made a keynote speech on "Innovation Changes the World", and gave an answer to the secret of Gree leading the industry globally, that is, innovation, an important factor to maintain a long lasting company. She also showed the audience a video about the automatic production of Gree, saying that "we are changing the way of manufacture with automation and all the equipment we use to manufacture air conditioners are developed by ourselves", "we have created numerous technologies through the process of innovation, for example, the PV air conditioner". From her perspective, Gree encouraging innovation is not for profits only, but for a better living environment. This is the meaning of innovation.

This time, the China-Israel Investment Summit has provided an opportunity for companies of both countries to have deeper cooperation.

China-Israel Investment Summit is an important platform for the economic cooperation and corporate cooperation between China and Israel, and by now, the largest technological innovation summit between both countries. Officials from Zhuhai Municipal Government said that it is hoped to further increase the cooperation and communication between Zhuhai and Israel through this meeting, and Zhuhai will implement innovation driven strategy and opening-up policy by utilizing the opportunities offered by this summit, to become an innovation highland in the Guangdong-Hongkong-Macau Greater Bay Area, and a demonstration city of China-Israel cooperation.