Go Green With Gree and “Energy Solution” Release Conference

In the evening of May 16, 2017, with the theme of “How To Design The Green and Energy-Saving Solution For Hot Climate Region”, a release conference was held in Madareem Crown Hotel of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This conference aims at providing a globally leading energy-saving solution for tropical regions.

This conference was hosted by vice-general manager Mr. Hamed of Saudi Gree CAC dealer A1-asasyah Company. During such period, Mr. Zhao Zhigang, director of New Energy and Environmental Technology Institute, and Wu Bin, regional vice manager for the Middle East market of Gree Overseas Sales Company, made speeches in the conference. Mr. Zhao mentioned that, with the progressive development of global economy, the demand for energy especially for the fossil energy is increasing day by day. Oil is the major resource in the Middle East region, especially in Saudi Arabia, over 90% of energy comes from oil. In order to protect the environment, development and utilization of clean energy become an undoubted trend for Saudi Arabia and even the global market. As the world’s top air conditioner manufacturer, Gree has the responsibility, duty and the capacity to make contributions to the development of clean energy for the world. Gree’s goal is to serve the world with our air conditioners by utilizing clean energy.

Later, regional vice manager for the Middle East market of Gree Overseas Sales Company, Wu Bin, introduced Gree’s energy solution. Compared with the 2nd generation double-cylinder two-stage compressor, Gree new generation DC inverter triple-cylinder two-stage compressor has greatly improved the cooling and heating capacity under extreme working conditions with 30% improvement of energy efficiency, which is very important for Saudi Arabia which the maximum working temperature can be 50℃ in summer. Moreover, Wu Bin detailedly introduced Gree photovoltaic air conditioning system. Such system has five working modes: 1. Pure air conditioning mode, when the electricity generated by the photovoltaic panel is 0, the photovoltaic air conditioner operates only by consuming the power from public power grid; 2. Pure photovoltaic mode, when the air conditioner stops operation, the electricity generated by the photovoltaic panel will be supplied to the public power grid; 3. Photovoltaic air conditioning mode, the power generated by photovoltaic panel is fully supplied by the air conditioner; 4. PV air conditioning & power consumption mode, the power generated by photovoltaic panel satisfies the operation of air conditioner and at the same time the surplus power can be supplied to public power grid; 5. PV panel & grid supply power together, when the photovoltaic panel cannot supply sufficient power to the air conditioner, the power grid will supply power together with the PV system. The introduction harvested the applause of audiences.

This release conference marked Gree’s formal entry into Saudi air conditioning market. Gree towered over the competitors again as the world’s leading air conditioner manufacturer with the leading photovoltaic air conditioning technology. “We are Greers, we are here!”