Gree Blazing in Project Lebanon 2017

From May 16th to 19th, the annual exhibition Project Lebanon is held in Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure. It is known that Project Lebanon is a professional exhibition for construction technology, materials and equipment in Lebanon and even in the Middle East region. It is the only large international trade show in Lebanon which is very important among the sectors. Since the first exhibition in 1994, Project Lebanon has been held successfully for 21 sessions. It has built an important platform for displaying products in regional construction materials market. The impact of this exhibition has penetrated into the Lebanese traders through effective direct publicity. At the 21st session of Project Lebanon held last year, 465 companies from 20 countries exhibited their latest products and services, attracting more than 20,000 visitors.

On such a grand stage of Project Lebanon, Gree shows a new charm of “Made in China” and its development concept of insistence on self-innovation, emphasis on core technologies and seeking for greater perfection with core technologies and refined products. More than 40 kinds of products are displayed, including wall-mounted air con, floor standing air con, portable air con, photovoltaic multi VRF, free match, close control air con, terminal and controller, etc. Commercial air conditioners with key product of photovoltaic multi VRF attract much attention from visitors.

This global first photovoltaic multi VRF can achieve photovoltaic direct drive and zero power consumption, which creates a new era of commercial air conditioner and shows Gree’s strong sensor of social responsibility. It is worth mentioning that this product has got the first UL safety certificate for PV VRF in the world.

For residential air conditioners, Painting Series and Shell Series are highly concerned.

Gree Painting Series air conditioner attracts tremendous attention from both insiders and customers. It integrates oil painting with air conditioner perfectly, plus artistic appearance and 11.2cm ultra-thin body design. Apart from the breakthrough in appearance, it has adopted “Breezeless Technology”, which provides ultimate comfort for the users. Shell Series reaches inverter 5-star energy efficiency and is listed in “Energy Efficiency Leaders”. This series has voice control function, which attracts many visitors to experience it.

In addition, Crown Series air conditioner adopts two-stage compressor. Its superior performance under extreme temperature from -30℃~54℃ wins the admiration of many visitors. What’s more, its Wi-Fi control function is also displayed. With a smart phone which is installed with Gree+ app, we can not only turn on or turn off the air conditioner, but also control each function of the air conditioner, which is quite convenient for the user.

GREE Lebanon is the first oversea market of GREE and the agent SOCIETE ACSONS S.A.R.L is one of the oldest and loyalest partners of GREE. The partnership between GREE & ACSONS started from 1995. Through ACSONS's efforts to promote GREE brand image, GREE has become No.1 brand in residential air conditioner in Lebanon market since 2005. However, after occupying the No.1 position in RAC, GREE decided to go further with ACSONS on CAC area, where we would face more professional and fiercer competition since ACSONS didn’t have any experience at that time. But with never-say-no spirit, this decision was made in 2009. That year, the whole sales volume of CAC in Lebanon market was merely USD 50,000, and GREE & ACSONS faced a lot of obstacles and failures for promoting GREE CAC. But with persistence, GREE CAC became top brand in Lebanon market only in 5 years, sales volume jumped to USD 3,000,000. Now, GREE truly becomes No.1 brand in Lebanon as we dominate both RAC & CAC.

As a leader in the global air conditioning industry, Gree is always at the forefront of the industry relying on “Artisan spirit” and innovative core technologies. Its leading technological strength not only provides high-quality products for consumers, but also becomes the innovation booster in Chinese manufacturing industry. Gree will still insist on independent innovation and core technology development, to win the recognition of the world.