Beijing’s New Landmark Exceeds 500M, Gree CAC Settled in

It is learned that in the small hours of April 28, “China Zun”, the highest landmark of Beijing that is under construction, has climbed above 500 meters. It is located in Z15, the center of the CBD in Chaoyang district, Beijing. With the height of 528 meters, 7 storeys under the ground and 108 storeys above the ground, it will take 437,000 square meters as the total construction area.

After the construction, “China Zun” will become the tallest skyscraper and a new landmark in Beijing, as well as the first super-tall building of more than 500 meters that is built in an area with 8 degree earthquake fortification intensity. What is worth mentioning is that last October, Gree central air conditioner was adopted for the heat and ventilation engineering (high section) of China Zun. Before then, foreign brands were the first choice. This represents that China manufacturing has already showed its strength among other international players.

For this highest building in Beijing, the most complicated supplementary equipment will be the heat and ventilation equipment.

As we all know that the completion of a building is just a beginning, there is still a long way to go for a building to put into operation. The installation of supplementary equipment is one of the necessary processes. With the height of 528 meters, it will occupy a construction area of 437,000 square meters in total. Suppose that one household takes 100 square meters, and then there will be over 4,000 households in this building, which means 30,000 to 40,000 people are to be held under the same roof. In other words, it’s like providing heat and ventilation equipment for a little town. Such equipment has to be highly effective, reliable and energy-saving.

Jinmao building, another tall building that is located in Lujiazui, Pudong district of Shanghai, has 88 storeys in total. Every day when the building starts to use, it costs about one million yuan for the electricity and the electricity cost of heat and ventilation is the greatest of all. Therefore, how to save power and reduce running cost under effective performance and reliable operation is no doubt a very important issue for the business owners.

Gree centrifugal ice-storage chiller and centrifugal base load chiller are adopted for China Zun. Simply put, Gree central air conditioning equipment will make ice and store cold at night and provide refrigerating in the daytime by adopting the principle of deicing. The biggest advantage is that it will avoid the peak time of power consumption. The unit is able to make ice when power demand is less and unfreeze the ice to provide cooling when power demand is high. In this way, power cost can be greatly reduced. Meanwhile, this kind of ice-storage centrifugal chiller is first developed in the world.

In addition, this unit has realized actual upgrading in respect of energy saving and reliability. On March 29 last year, this unit was accredited by the expert team from China Refrigeration Association as “world leading”. Products of this series can reach the maximum cooling capacity of 3000RT, with COP 4.59 under ice making condition of -6℃ and COP 6.6 under air conditioning. Its performance goes above national energy grade 1, with IPLV as high as 11.17 and the comprehensive energy efficiency under all working conditions is improved by more than 30%. Such remarkable energy saving performance has earned itself a “world leading” recognition. As the saying goes, strong horse with strong saddle, likewise, the greatest building in Beijing with the greatest air conditioning equipment.