GMV5 been adopted in the Highest Residential Building in West Australia

The Highest Residential Building in West Australia is going to complete in April 2017. The building consists of 44 floors located in the CBD of Perth. There are 6 floors for underground parking and 38 floors on the ground for apartments. It adopts 100% GREE GMV5 VRF system for supplying comfort heating and cooling operation to all 227 apartments.  The apartment average market value is above 1.5 million Australian dollars and the Penthouse is over 5 million Australian dollars.

GREE GMV5 VRF system has been widely adopted in Australia since 2014. With its stable performance, easy installation and reliability in operation, it becomes more and more popular using in the Australia luxury apartments and modern projects design. The success of adopting GMV5 system in such landmark has showed the great recognition of the product application in the Australian market.  Our Australian Sales Team has put “Created in China, loved by the world” into action and with great efforts.