Gree Flaunts a Variety of Star Products in Climatizacion 2017

On Feb. 28, Climatizacion 2017, the biennial International Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Refrigeration Exhibition, opened grandly at Feria de Madrid in Madrid, Spain. Insisting on the concepts of “Innovation, Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, High Efficiency”, Gree showed a variety of residential air conditioners, light commercial air conditioners, inverter multi VRF systems, photovoltaic inverter multi VRF systems, new products with R32 eco-friendly refrigerant and industrial goods (compressors, motors and capacitors, etc.).

Gree first-created photovoltaic multi VRF system integrates photovoltaic direct-driven technology with multi VRF system. This unique product features free switchover among five working modes and zero electric charge, which sufficiently demonstrates Gree’s world-leading technological strength.

The highly concerned and anticipated product at Gree’s booth is doubtless the Crown series. Besides its attracting appearance, it is capable of strong cooling and heating at ambient temperature from -30℃ to 54℃.

Gree, as a leader in refrigeration industry, always insists on independent innovation. Based on the technological advantage of two-stage compressor, Gree has developed the most powerful “heart” for air conditioner: triple-cylinder two-stage rotary compressor of variable volume ratio. Air conditioners adopting this technology can achieve superior performance under extreme temperature from -35℃ to 54℃. Its heating capacity won’t be affected when outdoor ambient temperature is as low as -25℃. Its high heating capacity and high efficiency is a great technology breakthrough.  

Another star product is GMV5 Home, which breaks through the traditional understanding of European consumers for air conditioner. This product provides one-stop solution for users in terms of air conditioner + floor heating + hot water. It is simple and convenient for operation, which provides you with coolness as well as hot water.

Lomo series adopting eco-friendly refrigerant R32 is another masterpiece developed by Gree under Gree’s environmental protection concept and innovation culture. Lomo series, integrating Gree self-developed R32 refrigerant compressor with high-efficiency and reliable refrigeration and electric control system, will definitely become the spot light of eco-friendly and high-efficiency products in future Spanish market and even European market.

Gree strikes a wonderful pose in the four-day exhibition period of Climatizacion 2017. Gree will continue insisting on the independent innovation path, to make due contributions for the development of Chinese manufacturing industry.