Gree Shows a Variety of Star Products at ACREX India 2017

From Feb. 23rd to 25th, ACREX India 2017 is held grandly in New Delhi. Hosted by ISHRAE, ASHRAE and All India Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Association, ACREX is the refrigeration show with the largest scale and the highest standard in India. It is held annually in New Delhi, Bangalore and Bombay in turn.

Gree, as a leading enterprise in the refrigeration industry, exhibits various residential and commercial air conditioners in Booth H3a of Hall 11. With core technologies and original designs, Gree products have attracted tremendous attention from visitors, showing Gree’s independent innovation strength to the world.

Gree’s booth is mainly divided into three display zones: new product display zone (Painting Series, Rose Series Ⅱ and Shell Series), residential air conditioner display zone (wall-mounted unit, window type unit and portable unit) and commercial air conditioner display zone (photovoltaic system, multi VRF system, Super Free Match and water heater). Meanwhile, Gree industrial products such as compressors, motors, capacitors and enameled wires, are also displayed.

New Product Display Zone

Gree Painting Series air conditioner attracts tremendous attention from both insiders and customers. It integrates oil painting with air conditioner perfectly, plus artistic appearance and 11.2cm ultra-thin body design. Apart from the breakthrough in appearance, it has adopted “Breezeless Technology”, which provides ultimate comfort for the users.

Rose Series Ⅱ brings a romantic atmosphere to Gree booth. Its rose appearance and integrated and concealed dual air outlets create a sense of beauty as well as a balanced temperature field. Shell Series reaches inverter 5-star energy efficiency and is listed in “Energy Efficiency Leaders”. This series has voice control function, which attracts many visitors to experience it.

Residential Air Con Display Zone

Crown Series air conditioner adopts two-stage compressor. Its superior performance under extreme temperature from -30℃~54℃ wins the admiration of many visitors. What’s more, its Wi-Fi control function is also displayed. With a smart phone which is installed with Gree+ app, we can not only turn on or turn off the air conditioner, but also control each function of the air conditioner, which is quite convenient for the user.

Commercial Air Con Display Zone

Gree DC inverter multi VRF system with corrosion prevention (GMV5 CP) and photovoltaic centrifugal chiller have got much appreciation. Through vivid display of the operation system of Solar GMV5 with dynamic light box, visitors can know more about the combination of photovoltaic power generation and inverter VRF system. This system not only reduces power consumption, but also improves power utilization efficiency.

Industrial Product Display Zone

Gree industrial products are also remarkable. ① In allusion to the high temperature and high pressure characteristic of eco-friendly refrigerant R32, the R32 compressor optimizes pump structure and motor material. It also features high reliability, high energy efficiency and low noise; ② The brushless DC motor with high-intensity aluminum casting case not only ensures the reliability of motor structure, but also greatly improves heat dispersion efficiency and operation reliability. In electromagnetic design, it adopts combined stator assembly technique, which can reduce motor size and improve motor efficiency for more than 88%. Besides optimized magnetic circuit design for reducing noise, ultra-low noise bearing is also adopted to ensure quiet operation of motor with unit noise of 42dB; ③ The capacitor and enameled wire have wide varieties and complete specifications, which wins high appraisal of visitors.

Gree industrial products are committed to building “one-stop service experience”. With complete product system and precious digital information connection, it provides one-stop solution for the procurement demand of industrial products, simplifying the procurement flow and reducing procurement risk, thus winning wide recognition of the customers.

As a leader in the global air conditioning industry, Gree is always at the forefront of the industry relying on “Artisan spirit” and innovative core technologies. Its leading technological strength not only provides high-quality products for consumers, but also becomes the benchmark in the industry. Gree will continue promoting the technological development of Chinese manufacturing industry, to win the recognition of the world.