GREE Solar Hybrid Technology Recognized By Australian Government

Australian air conditioner energy efficiency entry level is one of the highest entry requirements in the world. And the Solar technical application and promotion is also considered as one of the important government policies for energy saving and emission reduction. Since 2013, Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) has held a study topic on Solar Heating and Cooling technical once every year in May for inviting professionals from industry to discuss and share the recent study results in the local well-known university.

Recently, Department of Environment and Energy of Australian Government has released a the testing of models of solar-boosted air conditioners conducted during 2016. The test of four major on-sales solar split air conditioner was conducted under National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited test laboratory. The report shows, GREE solar hybrid split air conditioner which adopting solar photovoltaic boosting technical not only complied with Australian grid-power air conditioner energy efficiency requirement, but also to be the only tested product passed all test items of government required. The results of the reports shows, the Cooling and Heating energy efficiency has improved 61% and 55% under the Solar Photovoltaic Boosting operation comparing to the normal grid-power operation. The energy saving is remarkable and much greater than Solar Thermal Boosting air conditioner.

GREE Self-developed solar hybrid energy saving technology has been regonized in many countries in the word already. Australia is one of the developed countries and has adopted the solar system widely in the residential and buildings. The recognition from the Australian government report not only proofs the leading advance of Chinese air conditioner technology, but also driving the Australian industry on studying the solar photovoltaic boosting technology.

It is reported that the Solar Air Conditioner Technical comes in two main forms in Australia industry: solar thermal and solar photovoltaic (PV) boosting. The purpose of the test is not only to check the tested product compliance on Australian performance standard, but also to be a government formal study report for comparing the actual operation energy saving result from the major solar air conditioner suppliers in the market. Australia is one of country in the word has the most abundant solar energy. In 2015, Australian government has invested more than 200 million Australian dollars for supporting the small scale and large scale solar system installation. This report also shows the Australian government pays importance on the study of Solar boosting Air conditioner technical and making a foundation preparation for the next step’s preparation.