Shining at AHR EXPO, Gree Unveils the First Show in 2017

From Jan. 30th to Feb. 1st, AHR Expo 2017 is held grandly in Las Vegas. Hosted by ASHRAE and ARI, and co-hosted by HRAI, AHR Expo is held annually in the states of the U.S.A. in turn.

AHR EXPO is the largest scale professional exposition around the world and involves a wide range of products, so it has become one of the most important professional exhibitions in refrigeration industry. On this global communication platform gathering almost all the world’s famous brands in refrigeration industry, Gree, as the leading enterprise in the industry, exhibits various residential and commercial air conditioners in Booth 9722 of the North Hall. With core technologies and original designs, Gree products have attracted tremendous attention from customers, showing Gree’s independent innovation strength to the world.

In Gree booth, Ultra Heating GMV5, Solar GMV5, window type air con, dehumidifier, portable air con, recreational vehicle air con, wall-mounted air con, wired controllers and industrial goods are displayed. The highly concerned and anticipated products are doubtless the Ultra Heating GMV5 and Solar GMV5.

As the star product of Gree, Ultra Heating GMV5 can achieve 100% of nominal heating capacity in outdoor ambient temperature of -4℉ (COP up to 2.14), 80% of nominal heating capacity in -22℉ and reliable operation in -31℉(see Annex 1). Ultra Heating GMV5 is the heat pump system with the best heating performance in low ambient temperature, whose SEER is up to 20.5 and HSPF is up to 11.5. It was certified by NA Energy Star and sold in the U.S.A. and Canada from January, 2016.

Another star product is the world’s first-created Solar GMV5. This product features PV direct drive and zero electric charge, which opens a new era of central air conditioner for residential application and demonstrates Gree’s strong sense of social responsibility. Solar GMV5 has got the first UL Safety Certification for photovoltaic multi VRF system in the world. This product is now sold to the U.S.A. in bulk.

Gree Painting Era air conditioner is also remarkable. It integrates oil painting with air conditioner perfectly, plus artistic appearance and 11.2cm ultra-thin body design. Apart from the breakthrough in the appearance, it has adopted “breezeless technology”, which provides ultimate comfort to users.

Gree’s momentum into the North American market becomes increasingly strong. Previously, GMV North America training center had its grand opening in New York. It is located at Flushing zone in New York and covers an area of 10 thousand square feet. In the future, all GMV product trainings in North America will be held at this center. The establishment of GMV North America training center adequately implements our requirements of developing superior products and providing good services.

Since Gree is a leader in the global air conditioning industry, each time when it strikes its pose at the overseas exhibition, it becomes a focus of attention. In AHR EXPO, the first show in 2017, Gree gets a good start. Gree shows the strength of “Made in China” with its core technologies and star products, to win the recognition of the world.