First Gree New York GMV Showroom Opens Grandly

On July 30, the first Gree New York GMV showroom held a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the beginning of comprehensive sales of Gree Ultra Heating GMV5, Solar GMV5 and Heat Pump Water Heater in North America.

Li Jianmin, director of GREENLAND USA, together with several leaders and experts from real estate companies and engineering design companies, attended the opening ceremony.

As the largest air conditioning manufacturer in the world, Gree is selling air conditioners of its own brand to more than 160 countries and regions, serving over 300 million users globally with its innovative core technologies and superior product quality. Gree launching its business in New York won special attention from the press and media of New York, among which, Sing Tao Daily, World Journal and Chinese Channel all carried interviews throughout the event. New York AM1480 Radio also conducted live broadcast on the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Gree Ultra Heating GMV5 with unique 2-stage compression, whose energy efficiency ratio is far much better than general GMV5, maintains 100% of heating capacity under –20℃ and 80% under extreme cold of –30℃. With the characteristics of high efficient inverter technology, simple maintenance, quiet and comfortable, plus strong heating under ultra low temperature, GMV5 is a kind of air conditioner suitable for North America and Canada.

Solar VRF drives the air conditioner through luminous energy collected by solar panel; the surplus electric energy can be sold to electric power company through the grid. While at night the unit will be driven by the grid, which is quite suitable for South Central America where there is abundant solar energy. Under the condition of sufficient solar energy, zero consumption can be achieved theoretically. It is an eco-friendly and energy-saving air conditioner, also a proprietary product of Gree.

Heat Pump Water Heater: based on the principle of air compression, it absorbs heat from the air to heat up water; energy efficiency ratio is 1:4, saving 75% of electric energy compared with traditional electric heating water heaters.

The establishment of the first Gree New York GMV showroom adds brilliance to Gree overseas market. We believe that more Gree showrooms will be built in New York. Made in China, Loved by New York!